Your 8 x 10 Original Chalk Pastel Spirt Art for you.
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Original full color chalk pastel created intuitively just for how. Also a great gift for your friends or spiritual family. Having an original Spirit Art is a very personal and special gift. A written interpretation is included to provide you the general idea of the primary message or reading that is being brought to you. Beyond this you may continue to have unique and direct alternative understandings of time. As our vibration, perspective, and paths change, so can our interpretation of the work. After all it is more about the energy in the picture than the picture itself. 
Spirit Art orders generally take 6 - 10 weeks to complete.
Like having a tarot or oracle card created just for you. Original one of a kind personalized fine art.
Matted and Framed. Ready to hang in your home, office, or sacred space.
Written interpretation included. Like having your very own personalized tarot card created for you!
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