2 - Within Without
4 - Knight Time
6 - Journey
8 - Beacon
10 - Door
12 - Portal
14 - Observer
16 - Grand Electron
18 - Merlyn
20 - Soul Family
22 - Mind
24 - Oasis
26 - Hunt
28 - Queen Mother
30 - Reversal 
32 - Self
34 - Faith
36 - Transistor
38 - Shaman
40 - Dragon Medicine
42 - Weaver
44 - Body
The Ethereal Oracle card meanings & Instructions

The Ethereal Oracle card meanings & Instructions

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Below are the instructions that come with your deck. For further ideas and in depth possibilities click here.


Welcome to the world of The Ethereal Oracle. This deck has been created with the intent that it will serve you in finding and maintaining purpose on your path. Use it to guide you along your way to see what dynamics are at play and how to work and learn though your experiences. These brief meanings are a sketch or starting point. The energy within the images of each card can go as deep as you wish in understanding yourself in a broader and grander perspective. As with all decks, to truly work with the cards developing your own understandings of what they can share. These brief meanings are to help you get started, however how you feel and the impression you get from each card actually has a more significance for you. 

How to use the cards. 

There are unlimited ways you can lay out the cards to find the guidance you seek. Like the meanings of the cards themselves, you are encouraged to experiment and find what works best for you. Here are few sample ways to get you started. 


When a card is upside, it is alluding to “not doing”. It may be considered a challenge, or the lesson in the card is not being learned. It is not speaking to an opposite dynamic, it is speaking to an opposite use, application, or perspective of the same dynamic. It comes up to bring your attention to it. If you re not able to learn and grow from it that is fine too, however, it will likely come up again in a different scenario with the same dynamic or lesson behind it. 

First shuffle the cards in anyway you feel is correct. While shuffling, think of the question or situation that you are seeking guidance about. Shuffle until you feel you are ready for the answer. 

The single draw or single card reading is like a direct answer. It is the short version of what is going and or what you need to know. Even in a single card reading you can draw additional cards for clarification. You may choose to name what aspect of the situations you are drawing for, or asking for clarification on. For example who, what, when where, and why. You can indeed pull a card for all of them. A single card readings are also a terrific way to start your day with some  guidance and suggestions of what you may want to focus on, learn from, or adjust your approach for the day.

The basic past present future spread is commonly used to get a heads up on the current course of things. Since the message is coming from the cards and not your thoughts, it can often validate what you have been thinking or even put everything in a perspective you have not considered. Remember, the future is not written, it is only a potential.

The Mind Body Spirit spread is also simple and fairly direct. The cards that appear in this formation can illuminate the areas of yourself that need more attention. It can also give you an understanding of the deeper meaning of what is happening in your physical world, the thoughts or beliefs in your mental world, and the purpose driven aspects of you as a soul.

1 - Unity - Nothing exists without purpose. See yourself, others, and the whole of existence as a master piece in progress. In challenges it is your lesson. In accomplishments it is your validation. It is the reminder that everything happens for a reason with a divine purpose, even if we do not know or cannot understand it all. 

2 - Within Without - In order to change anything in your external world you must first become that change in your internal world. Birth it and nurture it within. Regardless of work done in the outside world, without doing the internal work it will have little result. Incremental mastery of self.

3 - Giggle - Laughter is love even in the most trying of times. To know how to laugh at your own trials no matter how significant is to know yourself, not only as an identity, but as a spirit. Laughter opens up communication. The divine joy it can bring cancels out any negativity. It is that breaking moment when you know everything will be ok. 

4 - Knight Time - Bravery in the dealings of time. Facing the past boldly and moving forward with no residual fear of it repeating in the future. Standing your ground as who you have become instead of who you were. Decree, or command the past into its place and move forward.

5 - Magic - Drawing divine creative energy from above to manifest in your world. Aligning yourself to truly be a co-creator in the/your world. Feel the connection to the creation power within you, but realize that it is only capable of being used for that which you and purpose are in complete alignment.

6 - Journey - It is both the beginning and the end of the journey. Coming around full circle, yet not a repeating. Take the positive aspects of the past, the present and the future potentials. Leave behind the negative ones. It is up to you to choose these things. Your momentum is moving above and beyond, do not deviate from that direction. 

7 - Transition - Cycles within cycles. With the change of bigger external cycles the internal also changes and transforms. Growth is eminent. Both mistakes and triumphs teach equally. A stronger part of you has already chosen this and it is for your benefit regardless of how it may feel. To deny change is to deny progress, like it or not the choice is yours. 

8 - Beacon - The beacon draws us in regardless of all perceivable reasoning. Beyond the thought, beyond the justifications of the ego. An undeniable energetic magnetism. We are drawn to things, people etc. for reasons we may never know, it simply represents that draw. Anything or anyone that is drawn to you, or you are drawn to, there is a purpose behind it. Avoid attempting to assign or manufacture a purpose. Understand the connection and see what comes.

9 - Stella - Allow your inner child to be curious and seek out what it wills. Approaching all that is going on around you from the sense of interest, intrigue, and curiosity. Not the pragmatic approach that inevitable becomes a habit with maturity. Doing so with a light energy. Eventually you will need to again ground, but until then lightening up is your best approach. 

10 - Door - The door appears to be a first introduction to your path ahead. What is hidden behind the restrictions of an ego driven logical mind. What comes to you now is important, avoid dismissing powerful validation and confirmations of the changes in your life for the sake of compliance to old patterns. It must be unlocked to move forward, you are the key.

11 - Keys - The opportunities for change lie before you. You are being given all you need to unlock and unblock energies of higher vibrations. Open up to possibilities and choose. No one is better than another. The power is  being given to you, it is in your hands. The only failure is not choosing.

12 - Portal - The doorway of the spiritual world. It brings “source energy” into the physical world. This is birth and re-birth. A completely new energy not a new version of the old. The portal is the creating or becoming new. It is new life. 

13 - Earth Angel - Divine actions or assistance through physical world means. A high vibration, yet thoroughly grounded. Purpose served or aid given through physical action or means. Grounded solutions to spiritual challenges.

14 - Observer - Equating cause and effect, actions verse reactions. The understanding of experience and observation. Seeing purpose on multiple levels based on accumulated experience. The knowing of whys and hows. 

15 - Guidance - The gift of certainty when you are in tune with and follow your own intuition. The whisper in your subconscious ear to evoke a resolute sense of knowing beyond thought. Effective discernment through reflection within and trust of self, not for the sake of ego or the individual but for the connection to all things aligned with purpose.

16 - Grand Electron or “quantum bomb” - The absolutely unbridled and infinite energy. This energy has no bias, or intent, purpose or direction, until one is given to it. This energy is you, or around you and is simply asking for your direction. Letting go of all the things that we don’t want it to create. Its only function is to create, what it creates is determined by you. Lack of direction, focus, or choice, will result in wildly random results, possibly negative ones.

17 - Grandmother Moon - Learning to weather and control your own internal tides. Knowing when to just flow and when to take action. When to make waves and when to ride them. A humbled awareness of power and powerlessness. 

18 - Merlyn (the Seer) - The future cannot be truly understood  beyond the choices we have made. The visionary who sees the potential of choices and the probability or trend of the current flow. Difficulty focusing in the present or manifesting in the moment. All future possibilities are grown from the present, without feeding “the now” they may never become more than a possibility.

19 - Block - The energy of doubt or disbelief. The lesson of that which is disliked, is often what we have most to learn from.  The full message or understanding you may be seeking cannot be accomplished with the block present, it is incompatible with that understanding. The block needs to be resolved in order to understandf. It is a resistance or a limitation. The equivalent of sticking your heading the sand and wondering why you don’t see the horizon.

20 - Soul Family - Seeing yourself in a truer light, you then recognize those who vibrate with you on the same level of understanding. Be it a person, a situation, place, or even object, this card appears to reveal or remind us of who we really are outside our “physical world” identities. There is an unconditional connection at play, accept it and act accordingly.

21 - Rising - The phoenix rising from the ashes. The process of burning away the old for renewal and rebirth. More specifically focusing on the rising after hitting the bottom. The recreating process. This is a time to embrace the newness, revel in it, love it. Let all which does not serve your path fall away in the process. 

22 - Mind  - The mind is where we process both “reality” or the “physical world” as well as energy or the spiritual world. It is the link between the two. What you think about anything is an aspect of its process, if what you think conflicts or contradicts the results the thought may need revision. Conversely if the thought has worked then nurture and expand it. 

23 - Rose - The incredible ability to manifest or create life and joy in places which it would be otherwise devoid. Beauty bestowed from a source beyond the “physical world” limitations. Creating what was thought to not be possible. Bringing love and joy into places which have little. Growth out of what would otherwise appear to be lack. 

24 - Oasis - Removed from the physical world the oasis brings, mental and spiritual sanctuary. Peace in the temples of the mind and the spirit. This is a break, or a temporary disconnect from the physical world. Taking a moment to gain or re-gain clarity of self. Embrace these opportunities regardless of what aspects created them. 

25 - Magicman - The guidance and know how to bring about positive change and healing. Intuitive knowledge of the natural world and the healing values of nature. The wisdom and the power of the cycle of life and the ability to evoke or stir it. Healing and wisdom can be manifested by choosing it within, and sharing it without.

26 - Hunt - The balance of masculine and feminine coming together with pure purpose and direction. Not in a primal sense as much as a natural sense. The journey of the hunt, the seeking and the fruits of our efforts. The passion that drives us can lead us down many roads. It can powerfully teach us to appreciate and honor the path, as much as the purpose for it. The merging of the two satisfies the needs of both making it not only more functional, but more enjoyable. 

27 - Ancestors - The inner link between the primal physical world and the energetic or ethereal world. The roots of our consciousness. Brining unity between alternate “worlds” by marrying the understandings of both. An alignment of thoughts, actions, and insights or intuitions which are balanced among both sides.

28 - Queen Mother - The keeper of the secrets and magic of the night forest. Illuminating the dark forrest, not for the sake of scaring off your fears, but to illuminate them to see them as they are. The forest is your mind, and she illuminates you to the understanding that fears, are only fears. Being the light for others, not as a protector but by dispelling ignorance. 

29 - Ahha - The Awakening or illuminating of consciousness. Known as the “ah-ha” moment. This is touching in with a new level of understanding. Finally getting what you have been trying to understand but not by force, but by clearing of mental clutter. Letting go of ideas that did not allow us to see clearly before.

30 - Reversal - The reversal shows us to flip things around. Putting more physical energy into spiritual needs, and more spiritual energy into physical needs. By changing up modalities or patters that you operate in will release blocks or hinderances. It will also fortify what you are truly seeking and bring you in a stronger alignment with yourself.

31 - Birth - From the spiritual or energetic plane down into the physical world. This is manifesting, or creating of something into being. An idea from concept or conception given the energy or “soul” of spirit, brought into tangible manifestation. The complete cycle of creation.

32 - Self - The growth of opening up the mind to see oneself as an energetic (soul) being. Seeing, possibly for the first time, your true nature. Honor yourself as a work of art, not a perfect creation. Self awareness and love apart from the human ego. Your soul knows what you are. Your ego only knows what you aren’t. 

33 - Spirit - The focus on all energy and its connection to everything. The purpose behind the action, even behind the thought of the mind. The driving force in your life which can guide you when you allow it to. This card appears to follow and feed your inner guidance. This is the higher part of self directly linked to purpose.

34 - Faith - The conviction card. It is the application of the lessons you have been working on. A test, if you will.  However, do not jump to the idea of it being a challenge, it is merely the work behind the philosophy. The follow through of the idea, the belief, the purpose. If you keep your head above water you can breath, if you can breath you can grow.  

35 - Starlight - Brightening or illuminating the path we are on, not carrying it as a burden. Living the human experience in the body. Working through the physical world lessons, yet remaining bright and optimistic. The embodiment of spiritual beauty in the physical world. Not forgetting your connection or the light within you. 

36 - Transistor - The interpreter between different ideas, energies or even “worlds”. Using the senses of intuition and inner guidance to prevent conflict or collisions. This is not the burden of responsibility for others actions, this is being the one to clarify intent, to smooth or sooth the energy of different things coming together. You are the link.

37 - Ascension - Taking things to a higher level. A greater understanding. This process is not done in a leap but in a climb. Bathing in higher vibrations while gradually ascending into a new state of being. Not taking things too fast or too much at once. Keeping lightly grounded enough to make the transition a smooth one.

38 - Shaman - The ability to change the dynamics of a situation by effectively applying understanding of knowledge, experience, and intuition. Tapping both heaven and earth to open up new or alternate worlds or paths. Self sacrifice for the sake of purpose. Possessing the oversight to effect those in the care of the shaman directly or indirectly.

39 - Web - The energetic thin invisible line that connects all things. Manifestation or the realization of what you have manifested, even if before you realized you were doing it. The purposeful drive of the subconscious mind by your spirit. On an energetic level, the realization of “the grass is always greener”, seeing the connection in things and realizing that sometimes what you believe you want, may in fact result in something you do not want. Pros and cons across the board.

40 - Dragon Medicine - Conjuring the healing power within for yourself, others, or both. Healing for any and all levels or purpose. Internally asking for divine assistance and pledging yourself to the system of delivery. Not only conjuring the healing force but, becoming it. The ability to create or cultivate healing. 

41 - Merkabah  - The body of light. The bringer of light. This is opening up to yourself on an ethereal or energetic level. A recognition of self on a divine scale. Not in an ego enhancing way, but in a humble understanding of yourself as an active role in a divine plan. Being the light, knowing it within you and within all others. 

42 - Weaver - The influence and inspiration which causes us to create such a web. The divine influence of the world we create. Accepting, agreeing, or even denying does not change the purpose in what we create. The weaver creates for higher purpose. The challenges presented are for growth, not to obstruct. 

43 - Warrior of Peace - Mastery of the internal struggle to overcome adversity from the outside world. By becoming peace within yourself, the outside world strife has no effect. This is not removing yourself from challenges, it is rising above them. Neither aggression nor compassion alone, it is calmly facing and taking action in accordance with peace.

44 - Body - The body temple speaks to how you treat yourself physically. Your Spirituality can be expressed through your body, but through your body it is related to the physical. Your physical well being is a result of the application of physical world rules. Focus on the body temple is for the purpose of well being on this level of yourself.

45 - Tide - This is the tidal force of guidance in following your path through you inner or higher guidance. It is not always understood why but understanding that you need to flow with what feels correct even if  you have no understanding of why. This flowing may not feel comfortable in terms of familiarity but consider that is only from lack of flowing in the past. Trust your path and your intuition and you will not be lost. 

About the Deck

This deck was created from hand selected pieces of over 10 years of intuitive works by J:D Aricchi. Chosen for the purpose of providing guidance to all who seek it, these cards can do exactly that. The first of three planned decks.