11 x 14 Digital Spirit Art
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Digitial Spirit Drawing is an intuitive process created through digital art for you, or a person of your choosing. As with all the intuititve art J:D offers, the intent behind it is to have purpose. This is another form. This style lends itself particularly well to draw your "Ethereal Self". A written channeled message or  interpretation is included to give you an idea of what is coming through, the feel, the vibe, etc. However, that may not even be needed. Just as everything, it is the energy behind it that is imporant. It can be like looking into an ethereal mirror. 

Not so fine print :) 
Even with a license package at no time are you authorized to produce mass quanities for sales or otherwise. 
Receive a small jpg file of your Spirit Art via Email (web orders only) For use on social media, or make additional prints for yourself.
A pdf file of your channeled message with guidelines on how to work with your Spirit Art beyond the message J:D writes for you.
11x14 & 16x20 sizes ship directly from the printer These sizes are not matted
Features Benefits
One part reading
One part original art
One part metaphysical tool all made personally for you.
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