11 card "Whole Self" Spread

11 card "Whole Self" Spread

This spread is intended to get into depth, the energetic dynamics of your experience. How you can learn and grow from it. 
Reversed or not reversed.

Reversed or not reversed.

As a reversal can usually indicate opposite or opposing direction, movement, progress, or meaning. With The Ethereal Oracle, it is simply doing or not doing. When right side up the meaning of the card is validating progress or how you are flowing with your path in that area of your life. When it is reversed or upside down, it is something you are not doing, not paying attention to, not flowing with your path. The specific meaning of the card will speak to the dynamic that you are or not flowing with, and the placement in the spread you choose or create is what part of your life. 
But. . but. . . but. .

But. . but. . . but. .

Sometimes the placement, orientation, and meaning may feel like they over lap. As confusing as that is capable of feeling, it actually makes "sense". It just may not easily fit, if you have a limited view in the direction that you are seeking clarification. To see clearer, to understand better, the view / idea / thinking, that limited needs to be expanded. On different "levels" (mind, body, spirit) the way to do that will be different in form, but not intent than each other. 
1 - Unity

1 - Unity

Overview: Everything in existence is made from the same pallet. An ultimate expression of divinity in all things. Nothing that exists is without purpose. Recognize this in your challenges, rejoice in this with your joys. See yourself, others, and the whole of existence as a master piece in progress. A work of perfection in process. Never set, ended, or “finished”. Always moving, flowing, changing, transforming. 

In challenges it is your lesson. In accomplishments it is your validation. It is the reminder that everything happens for a reason even  if we do not know or cannot understand it all. 

The well rounded one. The seer of the energy of creation not only believing all things are connected but actually seeing it. Understanding those connections. Not often making rash decisions, for each choice has intended and unintended results. The Unity person is one who will see many possibilities and until one presents itself in a stronger way, the unity person will observe and act as if both possibilities exist. Potentially seeming indecisive socially he/she is really simply weighing it out. Many times the circumstances we find ourselves in have no easy solution although it may be simple. The Unity person act in accordance with a higher power and possibly a different set of rules. A good person to seek counsel of, or to find an alternate perspective. More a guide or counselor than an active role for everything is connected and with purpose. 

Situation:  The situation or circumstance of the unity card is one with a divine presence. Possibly conceived as karma. The situation has purpose and it is for your growth no matter how difficult it may seem. It is important for you to grow through or out of this situation by honoring the divine within you. Seeing more than your own personal side, or what you have at stake. The Divine “outside” perspective. Do not act in a way you would not wish to be viewed by your creator. See it from the outside looking in. This is a powerful player in any situation. Divine guidance and or purpose are present. If your path is true, it represents the natural order of things and circumstances falling into place. If you have been slighting yourself by taking action you are not proud of, the suggestions is present to reconsider what you are putting into this situation. 

Lesson:  Trust the purpose behind everything but, also realize you are co-creator of your experience. What you give is what you get. If purpose appears within you do not second guess it. Trust your path and your choices as long as you are not breaking your own rules. All things are in divine order whether we agree or not.

Outcome:  It will work out as it should. Divine order and divine timing. This is not cause to sit back and wait, but do not put out counter productive energy. Do not do anything that would sabotage the situation, allow it to be what it needs to be. That in its own right is a thing of beauty. It may be exactly what we want, or exactly what we need dependent upon our inner alignment of our will with our purpose.

Mind:  The wisdom to see the purpose behind events and experiences objectively. possessing the understanding of purpose. Expanding your ideas of what is possible by giving you relevant experiences to base new understandings form, with or without additional input of the outside world (others sources such as books etc.). 

Body:  Being an active participant in purpose for yourself and or others. Since the body represents the physical world it speaks to your purpose in the physical world. Or your physical world experiences in the grand scheme of purpose. There may be purpose behind your physical experiences including ailments, chills during particular situations and other signs that are “telling you something”.

Spirit:  A single particular path is only complete when you have played all roles within it. The further understanding and compassion that comes with experience. Similar to Karma in a sense, resolving or finishing of your spiritual work. A completion of a part of your spiritual path. The inner sense of knowing that comes with accumulated experience and objective observation. You are a spirit with specific purpose even if you are not at all aware of it.

External Influence:  Witnessing and experiencing situations yourself and through others that feed your inner sense of knowing. Not for the sake of the questions How?, more for the answer to Why? Through t his aspect you may have a vital role to play in a purpose. The circumstances come to your door because you are the one to see it through even as a passive “player”. 

Internal Influence:  You are attracted or drawn to situations you need to experience or situations that need your experience. In either case, there is an instinct about it. Something feels “correct” about the situation even if it doesn’t look good on paper. In some cases this placement of Unity shows your experience and understanding of the dynamics or the patterns at play are significant to those involved, or even yourself.

Perspective:  Consider that, you can not judge what you do not fully understand. When you fully understand, you will have no desire to judge.

Choice:  See yourself in all things, in all roles, in all situations. The common denominator will be your answer. Process of elimination for the sake of purpose not emotion. 

2 - Within Without

2 - Within Without


Within is the internal work going on under the surface. Possibly never revealed outside the internal realm. Without, is the aspect the world see. Not in a superficial way, simply separate. This shows in order to change anything in your external world you must first become it in your internal world. Birth it and nurture it within. As the seed grows within the earth before it sprouts into the world. Once aligned with this newer vibration internally it can then be brought into the world outside of you. The external world. 

Person: Always processing and seeing connection from self to the outside. Connecting belief to cause and effect. Working internally, even secretively. Not unveiling ideas, or conclusions to the outside world. Not closed off to the outside world, but distinctive limits of she will share. Knowing the only way to change the outside world is to change the world within. There is always something bubbling under the surface. If this card is not representing yourself, know that the person it does represent is not illusive or evasive, merely their way of working comes from within and until it is ready to be shared it is not ready at all. Not a reflection of trust merely timing. The cookies aren’t done baking because they don’t want to be done, they simply aren’t. 

Situation: The circumstances around you are coming from within you. This is not to take blame, blame is an excuse not to correct, adjust, or align it with what you truly want. The trick is, a part of us agrees with the situation, that is the part within us that needs to change in order for our true wants or needs to happen. If you do not like the way someone is treating you . . . ask, how are you treating yourself. If not that, then what expectations do you a have about the situation. Are you possible feeding it unintentionally. For the sake of this position in a reading, if you are questioning it, that alone is a statement. Is it from doubt? If you like the current situation stop questioning it before you create doubt. Is it truly questionable? Then you already know that is your answer. A part of you may be seeking out of it, and if that part of  you grows you will indeed find yourself out of it. 

Lesson: It all starts with us. Even opposing something feeds it the same energy. Do not feed the energy you do not want more of. Do not put out what you do not want back. Keep things to yourself until you are fully ready to share them. Know yourself well enough to trust your boundaries, and to adjust your own creative power when you recognize the need or opportunity to do so. 

Outcome: Understanding your role in what you have created, you can now re-write it going forward. What you work on and possibly even master internally will bring you what you wish. All true growth comes from within and the only way to really reach out is to work in. 

Mind:  What you think, you feel. What you feel, you create. Mind your thoughts. When assessing all situations, seek guidance from the perspective of “what can I do within that would change it”. To see this clearly, you will need to know yourself. Knowing yourself may be the first part in you mastering your growth. 

Body:  You are what you eat. Within speaks very much to cause and effect. Physical ailments, or physical world “issues’, are all the result of what they have been fed, energetically speaking. That energy may be the food that gives you heartburn to the pattern that keep re-creating. On the positive side, your health and well being on all levels is a statement to the work you have done inside. In the body position within represents how you are with your “physical self”. Working the problem from inside, addicted to something? (situation, food, substance etc.). The solution is within you to change that. 

Spirit:  Recognizing yourself as a co-creator. Both empowering and humbling. If you wish to aid a situation  do so energetically. If you wish to heal yourself or raise your vibration, know you have the power to create within you. You are connected to the divine and what you work on within you will effect the world around you. Like a mirror you can reflect light, even more so when you are polished. 

External Influence: Avoid internalizing the outside world. Instead externalize the inside world. What comes at you is not for you, other than the opportunity for you to effectively discern that it is not for you.

Internal Influence:  If the outside world brings you something or many things that do not feel are correct for you, find the part of you inside that attracted it. The part of you that agreed with it. By resolving the inner conflict, the outside situation will become obvious. 

Perspective:  Co-creator does not mean that you are partially responsible for everything in the world. Do not try to fix situations, instead find the trace of that in you and work on it within. 

Choice:  Up the creek with or without a paddle is up to you. 

3 - Giggle

3 - Giggle

Overview:  Laughter is love even the most trying of times. The immense power of laughter cannot be understated. There is no stronger or brighter form of love and light in this world. Laughter opens up communication. The divine joy it brings can cancel out any negativity. It can cure, reconcile, break down defenses and lighten energy. Just because something is jovial does not make it any less divine. Find the humor, the irony. There is a part of you looking at it all from a bigger perspective. Even in turmoil, which is likely at least partly of our own making, there is a part of us looking at ourselves from the perspective of the bigger picture. To know how to laugh at your own fumbles no matter how significant is to know yourself, not only as an identity, but as a spirit. 

Person: The one who lightens things with laughter. Using laughter and humor to spread joy and aid in overcoming difficult times. The actions of this person are for a higher purpose. Not for the sake of mocking or poking fun at, but instead to help us see the simple truth that the physical world is full of irony even in the most difficult situations. Having the sense of knowing that even if from “the other side” there will be a point where we can all laugh at the trials we have been through. Recognizing that our experiences no matter how dramatic are simply the expression or interpretation of energy. 

Situation:  Worry never fixed anything. Neither has fear or anger. Lighten up your attitude. When your reality gets heavy, pull your perspective away from it as if watching a television show or reading a book. Take the perspective of viewing it with a sense of humor and/or no emotional stake in it. From this perspective we can raise our vibration back up to a point that we can actually be effective in a positive light. 

Lesson:  Don’t take things too seriously. Even if they are serious situations and need attention, don’t make the attention you give it negative. That will only intensify it. Learn to laugh at yourself, especially when you do or don’t do what you should or should not have based on your own understandings. Seeing your own inner child  rebelling. Instead of scolding that inner child, play with it, laugh with it. Then you can clear the opposing force to moving forward positively. 

Result:   You will laugh about all this later when you see the bigger picture. Like the hairstyle you had when you were a teen. Times will change and we will inevitably grow out of the pattern that we  once took so seriously. The best stories are not the ones which everything went smoothly. 

Mind:   If you aren’t able to see the irony in difficult times you may be thinking too much. Like meditation, it is only by stepping away that clarity comes. Laughing or finding humor creates energy that counters the negative weight that is tugging down on your. 

Body:   Laughter heals. Laughter is movement energetically and physically. Your circumstances are not who you are they just look like you. So a physical world situation or even in your physical body, obsessing over it, worrying about it, will never heal it. Laughter and joy have a chance to. 

Spirit:   Joy is who you are. Your true nature, your essence. To know and embrace the truth about yourself is your power. Be as much joy as you can as often as you can and you are likely to see the impact that has in many outward ways. 

External:  There is no better response to negative energy than laughter. Although not all situations may lend them selves to laughing at, find someone around you that you can talk about it later to see the humor in it. When we are choosing to not be joy, it is likely things will happen to push us to a “breaking point” of sorts that laughing about it is the only alternative to being completely consumed by it. Be Joy in any way on any level you can as often as you can and things will lighten up. 

Internal:   You have joy within you. It needs to be cultivated and brought out. Especially when the outside world is getting heavy. You may be drawn to other similar situations that are even more heavy if you are not allowing joy within you. This is not to make your life difficult it is to get across the message that you have been ignoring. Think of your inner guidance as a brat that will continue to mock you and poke at you until you act upon what you already know in your heart to be true. You are a light, act accordingly. 

Perspective:   Why be so serious? What good is it doing? Is it changing anything? Do you feel better that way? 

Choice:  When facing a bully you may not win by fighting, but you can out wit. Key word being wit. Love yourself enough to allow joy into your world regardless of what you may be facing. 

4 - Knight Time

4 - Knight Time

Overview:  Bravery in the dealings of time. Facing the past boldly and moving forward with no residual fear of it repeating in the future. Standing your ground as who you have become instead of who you were. A true warrior is completely present and aware of this moment right now. A nobility of walking the path you have set on without second guessing, doubting, or questioning. 

Decree, or command the past into its place. Strongly and calmly holding your ground. As things from behind you creep up order them back into the place they belong. You are in control of your destiny. You are not now who you were then, know it, believe it, be it. 

Person:  The strong one. Walking with a sense of certainty. Even the strong ones have their weaknesses. The Knight may seem inflexible at times but this is for the lessons or battles that have been already fought. The Knight does not wish to repeat them, not take joy in them. The knight is walking forward bravely putting the past behind. The knight is a protector of self and others, and even others from themselves. Knowing the lessons of the past and what was lost to come to this understanding the Knight will evade repeating it, or allowing others to as well. 

Situations:  You may be facing what you had thought to be resolved. This is likely a test of your constitution and how much you truly learned from the past. You are brave and you can face what you need to. Do not allow circumstances to drive you back in to old habits or patterns. Continue to be the newer version of you despite. Others may not understand the certainty of the path you are or need to choose at this time, but if they are worth bringing into your future, they will learn to. 

Lesson:  Do not let others lead you down a path to your past. Do not allow your past to creep into your present, and should it try, certainly do not carry it into your future. The sword creates rigid barrier between your future and your past. Hold the line, it is yours. 

Result:  When change shapes us and new lessons are incorporated into our being, we are reborn into a new world of our making. Those who are in alignment with that can cross the barrier with you into the future. Those who do not, will stay in the past where they belong. This may not be an easy step, but unless you wish to not progress and you want to forget all the lessons you have sacrificed to learn, moving forward is the only way to be true to yourself. 

Mind:  Along with lessons learned in your mind, you may also have fond memories of things that were. This is where the bravery and the discipline of thought come into play. You know how the old story ends. To go back is only repeating the same chapter. It is time to continue on the new book of you. Although fond memories and associations may not be harmful as long as they don’t shake your resolve. Should they cause you to question your path, remember what you went through to learn the lessons you did, and apply that memory to all the associations you are fond of. 

Body:  In the phsycial world of the knight, cutting out parts of our life that hold us back is sometimes crucial to our growth. To not do so, would undermine our own efforts and sacrifices. This may mean cutting ties to those who try to keep you in the past, or at least making it abundantly clear that it is not who you are anymore. Cutting ties does not mean ill will of any kind, as a matter of fact wishing those people or situations well can help you move forward and heal. You are strong enough to have no fear moving forward. One step at a time, forward. 

Spirit:  Do not ignore your intuition when it comes to others, or situations. You have a keen insight to them being good, bad, or unknown. Trust this instinct. The power of the Knight is discernment. Choosing what you wish to experience again, or to experiencing something new. Nothing about this card is about reliving the negative situations of the past. Through you intuition you will know this, even if it does not come in a clear realization. It may be more instinctive, but when you feel something is not good for you, trust it. 

External:  In our minds we have associations that may not always serve us well. The outside world is great at presenting us opportunities to step backwards. The outside world does not actually have a will to do this, it is merely opportunity. The difference is  how we handle it. You are at the point where you know what is good and what is not, regardless of what the outside world throws at you. On that level you are a warrior, a compassionate one but a warrior none the less. The external world will undoubtedly test you, but know you are strong and will prevail. Because this is the lesson of Knight TIme, in an energetic sense the external world and you are on the same team, but you battle so you can become stronger. 

Internal:  Old impulses can be triggered by many things. Ultimately there is a part of us linked to every experience we have had. That however, does not make them all good. Sorting through the ones that are residuals of a previous version of you and linking them with the lessons we learned from them, even if in our memory “it wasn’t all bad”. Good or bad is not the point, moving forward or backward is. 

Perspective:  It is your right to choose what is and what is not good for you regardless of others opinions. LIke it or not discernment is your sword, call it how you see it and move connect to the things that you can truly move forward with. 

Choice:  Re-do? Un-do? or Do? You have the power to choose the direction your path moves and it is your right to leave your past behind you even if it appears in your present. 

5 - Magic

5 - Magic

Oveview:  Drawing divine creative energy from above to manifest in your world. Aligning yourself to truly be a co-creator in the/your world. Not for the purpose to serve a trivial wish list, or fulfill an “I want”. It is to create in a manner that agrees with your self in its entirety. It is only when all levels of our being are aligned that was can truly co-create. Recognizing self within everything from mundane to divine. Humbly amused yet honorably noble. Not driven by ego. 

Feel the connection to the creation power within you but realize that you can only use it for that wish you are in complete alignment. So if things are not working your way, realize a part of you sees it would not be conducive to your path and therefore does not have the power to become truth. Also see the trials, tribulations, and challenges as your own creations. Not in blame, but to questions “why would I need to experience this”. Take an objective perspective and it should become clear. 

Person:  The one who brings to life or “reality” thought the power of manifestation. The active manipulator of energy. Creating and or becoming virtually at will. This ability does not stem from an inert ability or gift, it is comes from alignment of purpose and source energy. It is not the will that creates, it comes from a connection to the divine. 

Situations:  Things being what the seem depends on the depth of reference. Is it actually happening or do you just believe it is. All things being energy, our perception of energy can be equally as valid to the energy or the so called “reality” of the energy. We must connect on a higher level to see the difference. At the same time, when we connect on this higher vibration we can not only discern, but we can choose to create our world in a more correct manner for ourselves. 

Lesson:  If you do not want something, do not think it. Be mindful of what you give your power too. You are capable of indeed creating it with your thoughts and intentions. This power without discipline can create havoc, with discipline and a strong bit of intuition it can create many wonderful things. 

Result:  You get out what you put in. You will undoubtedly create what you focus on. The amount of energy you put into you will get in return as long as you are true to your nature and don’t allow the desires of your ego to contaminate your power. 

Mind:  The conceiver, able to visualize the reality beyond simply dreaming about it. Mind your thoughts and only focus on creating what you truly want to become “reality” . This is clearest when at one or aligned with your guiding source. 

Body:  Only act or react to that which is good for you. When your efforts do not equal your desired result first check you alignment with you nature, or your spirit. Perhaps there is an aspect you have overlooked pertaining to the physical world. Perhaps someone else involved whom you may not have taken into account. When Magic shows up in the body position, this is taking effort in what you are creating. 

Spirit:  True connection and communication with the creative source of all things. The power is not yours, you can use because you are connected. Any less connected to the divine order of things and the power lessens in direction relation. This is not the power of the ego, it is the power soul in alignment with the creative source. 

External:  Others may try to prevent or stop thing from falling into place. Perhaps they do not know better, perhaps they are not aligned with their creative source. In either case, do not focus on them, instead focus on the creation process and the certainty that comes with the connection you have to source energy to create. 

Internal:  Take all means necessary to keep aligned with your intuition. You may have impulses to create through your intuition. As these impulses come, follow them. As for other impulses that are not from you intuition or your connection to the creative source, recognize them and don’t allow them to distract you. 

Perspective:  I am aligned, therefore I can, therefore I will. 

Choice:  Flow with the creative energy. Try to force your will out of alignment and drastically diminish all you have worked to create. 

6 - Journey

6 - Journey

Overview:  Simultaneously arriving and departing. Taking flight on a journey of the soul. Lifting up out of routine and familiarity, out of the past and the patterns it has created. While also returning to to be re-born. Re-created or transformed into a higher vibration. It is both the beginning and the end of the journey. Coming around full circle, yet not a repeating. The same energy that draws you to take flight is the same that draws you back “home”. We do our work in both processes. A mistake, a solution, and a revelation all have equal importance.

Take the positive aspects  of the past, the present and the future. Leave behind the negative ones. PIck out what you wish to keep energetically and that which you wish to leave behind. It is up to you to choose these things. Taking the pieces of you through your entire experience and weeding out the lesser parts to re-create a version of yourself that is the best of both worlds. 

Person:  The one on their own path. At times to some eyes they may seem off, but that is merely because we don’t understand that path. We all have our own, and understanding only comes easily to that which we can already relate to. The Journey person has a strong will for reasons. 

Situation:  A need for separation and reunion. Re-birthing while letting go of old for new. A shuffling up a bit of things from different times. Often revisiting circumstances, places or people from our past who in a way hold a solution or a connection to a solution to what we face now. This same dynamic can be applied to being reminded of a part of you that you left behind which may be needed in this moment, or in order for you to move forward. 

Lesson:  There is value in many of our experiences. Even if we find ourselves far removed from them, and thought we have left them behind. Not throwing out all of the understandings as we shed our skins. Some parts we will later long for and even need. Although it is important to move forward, avoid losing the parts of you that make you who you are. 

Result:  Growing beyond. Breaking out of limitation but keeping roots strong. You will always be a part of  who you are now, but you can grow into a newer expanded version. Somethings from the past can be left behind, but the part of it that is a key piece of you will always be present. 

Mind: Further or stronger incorporation of understanding. Reconciling your past with your present and your future. Parts of all will stay and parts of all will. Remember that no matter what idea drove you away or drove  you back to your roots, a part of both make up who you are. 

Body: Choosing to agree with that which aligns you and distancing from what detracts you. The wandering nature that comes with re-inventiveness can be an irresistible urge because it like all things has purpose. You may be drawn in two different directions at once, but consider that you can have some experience and growth in both, with one as a primary and one as a secondary. 

Spirit:  Reaching a new level may cause you to feel a bit removed from some comforts. There is a part of you that still lives in that other “space” and we can energetically revisit it as we wish, we just don’t live there anymore. 

External:  We are often pulled in more than one direction at a time. The solution to this is which option is better for you on a constant regular basis and which one would be better left to visit on occasions. 

Internal:  Inside you know what is correct for you regardless of what others think, or how the situation may seem. It is not a journey because it is a safe easy passage we have already taken. It is a journey because it is full of self discovery. Remember this as you step into uncharted territory. Follow what you feel inside to be correct and do not let fears ( your own or of others) deep into your being. 

Perspective:  Change or be changed. If your nature says you need to change, then follow it. Denying it will also be change, but not for your growth. 

Choice:  Follow your path, or follow the path others have made for you.

7 - Transition

7 - Transition

Overview: Cycles within cycles. As the moon and the sun transition, the moon also transitions within itself. With the change of bigger external cycles the internal also changes and transforms. To fear these changes alone is futile. Growth is eminent. A stronger part of you has already chosen this and it is for your benefit. There is a light and dark side to all things. Do not refute dark side of things alone. They are part of the light side of things as is the surface of the moon. It is the whole package that needs to be considered. Both sides to any lesson are equally significant.

Recognize what the dark and light side of any situation have in common. Or experiencing a dark circumstance or consequence of light experience. It is only through learning both lessons that we move on and truly transition in the bigger cycle. Both mistakes and triumphs teach equally

Person: The one in between. The bringer of change. The one of the fray of things. Bringing change by introduction of different energies or modalities. Introducing new or alternate ideas, even by simply sharing the ideas of others. Someone to offer different perspectives or ways of doing things. 

SItuation: The twilight, the intersecting phase between one and another. Things are changing and you must change with them. Remaining in your same state of being or ways of doing things is detrimental to your growth. Open up to new ideas and allow change in your life. All things move in cycles. Trying to stop these cycles is not only futile but unnecessarily difficult. 

Lesson:  All significant change comes with a transition period. Recognize change on the horizon and open yourself to and prepare for it. If you are willing to evoke change take begin a transition period. Change anything in your regular routine, from how you think to what you wear. Start something new, but something that you do not wish to remain permanent for things in the transition period only belong their. They are the step from the old to the new. 

Result:   Hidden things will come out into the open and clarity gained. Even if not joyful on some level it is necessary. Change is inevitable. It will come in any case, how you prepare and deal with it is entirely up to you. When a transition period presents itself know that change is coming. 

Mind:   New and even clearer ideas about things come to the surface. Maybe something that was overlooked due to an unnecessary limitation. What comes to you know can have lasting impact. Pay attention to the paths your mind takes, especially the detours. They may open entire new worlds for you. 

Body:  Changes in your physical world or body. What worked before may no longer be reliable. Seek new ideas, take action in new directions. 

Spirit:  This part of your spiritual journey is coming to a close. It is time to prepare for the next one. Somethings from now you will take with you, and other things you will not. The true preparation is simply opening up to things being different. Embrace this time for the growth it will bring you is truly priceless. 

External:  The perception of time passing can easily snare us in a trap of expectations and self judgments. Instead consider being in this moment right now, in an ongoing fashion. Avoid resisting new things or changes that present themselves. Resistance may just be not only a waste of energy but also postponing your growth. 

Internal:  The ideas you hold about change can be weighing you down. Don’t fear what is better because it is different. Even if it is not better, you won’t know until you embrace it. Remember that fear is self imposed and may be based on an experience but fearing change is like fearing growth. In your thoughts focus on the times that change was good, and the transition periods that came before it. What was new in your life even if temporary when that positive change happened. 

Perspective:  Get excited about what new things are coming to you. 

Choice:  Embrace change or struggle to maintain that which is no longer supported. 

8 - Beacon

8 - Beacon

Overview: The Beacon draws us energetically, as we are drawn to our beacons energetically. The Beacon has no intent, it simply is. The draw of the energy that this intense connection is not ignorable by those connected to it. It symbolizes the fusing or merging of energies with a divine blessing. From it creates a new modality or mobility. Changes separate from time.

THe beacon draws us in regardless of all perceivable reasoning. Beyond the thought, beyond the justifications of the ego. Seek out that which draws us in, but only when we feel it energetically within our entire being. Not for the purpose of satisfying a want, or need, but an intrinsic magnetism.  The draw of the beacon is beyond the conscious reasoning so do not re-create an idea about it, or control it or the outcome you wish for it. Simply allow the energies to merge and grow from it.

Person:  The one who others are drawn to energetically often without any realization of why. One who communicates with energy effortlessly. The Beacon may seem aloof or “disconnected” from the “reality” we experience, but the truth is the Beacon is more connected on other levels. The beacon draws us and shares with us even if we don’t know it. 

Situation: Communications may not seem clear if you try to consciously conceptualize the message. This is flowing with information in an energetic form. Perhaps best described as a spiritual “download”. It comes before it is even understood. This can be ideas, or actual worlds. A sense of channeling higher vibrations. You may be drawn to people, place, or situations on a deep level you may not be aware of. Awareness is not required however, what is brought to you in any form may require further examination. Likewise, when others are drawn to you, it may be something you need to share energetically or actual information. Again awareness of this happening is not important, it is the purpose it serves that is. 

Lesson:  Don’t judge or concern yourself with being judged by those who do not know or understand your connection or draw to certain things. Others are may not be aware of their own vibration let alone yours. It is not their fault. The energy of the beacon is connection and communication on higher levels than most humans comprehension, you included. We are drawn toward who and where we need to be trust that for yourself as well as others. 

Result:  A change or shift in vibration, feeling, or perception. Feeling of understanding even if you can’t explain it. A sense of knowing or an instinctual gravitation toward. Do not resist for the sake of not understanding. Within reason allow yourself to be drawn in to see what there is to be gained. 

Mind:   Receiving information or understanding (downloading) with little conscious comprehension or recall to details. Perhaps a residual recall like a dream, but more significant. Although this is more like a mental upgrade in your core wiring it may not be clear what is different. Follow the path your mind wanders down, and who it is that seems to lead you down it. 

Body:  Recognize what your vibration is aligned with. Without regard to any judgments of the physical world. Follow your inner sense of knowing. The strong the impulse in a direction, the more likely it is correct for you. This is walking the spiritual walk in the physical world. It does not mean you need to share the experience with everyone, but don’t let others hinder you path. 

Spiritual:  Drawing other like spirits or energies to you. When you are the beacon you will draw to you what you need and what needs you. Many times it will be both because you are on the same or similar vibration. The purpose may become clear over time but for now simply understand you draw to you that which you vibrate with. 

External: People seeking you out, or looking to you without a real understanding of why. You may not know why they are drawn to you or you to them, it is the magnetism of vibration. Only with an open mind can you discover the core reasons and both grow from the process. 

internal:  Your physical world anchors you here. This is partially the reason you cannot fully comprehend the draw of the beacon. To do so may draw you out of this world. If that is not your path or your time to do so, then you need to keep you consciousness here. But you can do so knowing that you are connected and have access to much more. 

Perspective:  Understanding of anything is limited to the vibration that you can resonate with. Because you don’t understand it does not mean it is not correct. This is why we have intuition. It pulls us along even if we can see where we are going. 

Choices:  Grow through the energy that beacon brings or don’t grow. The choice is always yours. 

9 - Stella

9 - Stella

Overview:  Hovering above the physical world in a mist of energy. The young feminine soul plays in the mist of energy all around her. She has little cares for the ways of the physical world. She understands t he physical world has its processes and allows them to be what they are. They do not weigh her down. The childlike curiosity seeks out the bigger picture. The meaning beyond reason. Very light hearted and loving energy stems from seeing more. Calm and joyful bestowed with the gift of letting go or releasing what cannot be changed and replacing it with love in the moment. Love of self.  Love of everything. Love of self within everything. 

Allow your inner child to be curious and seek out what it will. Approaching all that is going on around you from the sense of interest. NOt the pragmatic approach that inevitable becomes a habit with maturity. It is not childish to embrace the childlike part of you. That part of you sees clearer and does not try to change things that have no business being changed. That part of you has a better perspective and loves the rest of you more than you love the part of yourself. Reconcile this part of you within for  you have much you can learn from it. 

Person:  The stella person goes with the flow. Not holding grudges this person accepts purpose in all relationships and circumstances. This is not though deep thought or contemplation but more from the position of acceptance and unconditional love. A bit of a dreamer, but not as intense as idealist. May be or appear to be aloof or not concerned with matters of importance, but is actually flowing with the energy around her not trying to analyze, solve, correct, or judge it in anyway. 

Situations:  Things behind the scene are happening for a reason and you may feel it is out of your hands and indeed it is. Frustration comes with trying to control that which you can’t. Try to accept what is, not for the sake of agreement, but so you can instead enjoy the beauty and love all around you. Even in the little things there is much to be appreciated once you withdraw you focus from what you cannot change.

Lesson:  Trust you path and your intuition. Allow your path to unfold before you and follow it instead of trying to “make” it happen in a particular direction. You never know what you may be missing if you catch yourself obsessing of things which are not truly important. Focus on what you want to create, not a particular goal, but love, joy, peace, contentment. Instead of trying to find ways to make those things happen, or change the things which may appear to counter those ideas, find the joy around you, the love around you etc. 

Result:  Things tend to work out the way the are “supposed to”, in accordance with your path. They may not be as you would have planned but they are aligned with a bigger plan which is just outside your ability to comprehend for now. 

Mind:  The feeling of calmness in the order of things even if they are not yet what you would like. Follow the thoughts that create harmony within you. 

Body:  Following your “gut” instincts in the direction of joy. Sometimes the impulse to take a day off is not being lazy but actually being more productive by balancing your energy. Be whimsical, try new things without pre-conceived ideas. 

Spirit:  Your spirit is working on levels that you aren’t ready or able to really identify with. Part of this process is to teach you to let go in the physical world when you become anchored to a negative situation or energy. Being a little off is good for you if it creates  some joy. Do not judge yourself for not being completely present, you are energetically multi-tasking. 

External:  Opportunities to “withdraw” from a situation may be arising. They are not meant to poke at you and say “look what you don’t have time for”. They are instead saying you need to take some time for  you. Feeding yourself energetically in this way will have much rewards that you are not likely to even see possible while “stuck” in your current circumstances. 

Internal:  The urge to get away is not in vein. You need it. Even if only mentally. Make time to follow what your inner voice prescribes. Try not to let circumstances cause you to second guess what you can or can’t do. 

Perspective:   Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens for you on your path. Consider the resistance you are experiencing is self imposed. 

Choice:  Are your attempts to “fix” the problem actually solving it? Perhaps your solution is not trying to “fix” it. 

10 - The Door

10 - The Door

Overview: The physical world portal. A way or passage to a new world. A new level of consciousness which you have become in away but not yet embraced. The keyhole that appears in a blocked up window shows us a glimpse of more. What is hidden behind the restrictions of an ego driven logical mind. This is the opening up of your consciousness. Not only the first step but there first realization that there is a step to take at all. 

The door appears to be a first introduction to your path. Not yet time to walk the path, first you do have to in some fashion have a comprehension of it, even if only a limited one. This is not the first step on a journey it is the first step for planning for the journey. What comes to you now is important, avoid dismissing powerful validation and confirmations for the changes in your life for the sake of compliance to old patterns. 

Person:  The bringer of opportunity, the connection or connector. One who lives between worlds in order to bring them together. One who also manages the crossing of energy form one world to the other. This is the delegate, the liaison , this person presents opportunity for you to choose. This person will not open the door for you they simple show you the door. It is up to you to decide to walk through or not. That is  your work. Once you walk through, what you experience will change all your experiences going forward. 

Situation:   Some secrets lay hidden until someone comes to uncover them. This is the uncovering of those secrets. Not very different from Alice and the rabbit hole. If you seek more, more will appear should you be adventurous enough to open the door. 

Lesson:  Careful choose what you wish to seek before  you seek it. For once your are shown the door, you know there is a secret. Once you know there is a secret, how could you not want to know it. The choice to seek from the beginning is you choosing to know what is behind the door. Turning back can be more difficult once you have set out to know. 

Result:  The truth will either be brought to light, or you may choose to not know. One or the other is eminent. 

Mind:  The urge of curiosity drives us to seek understanding. With the exception of fear, the mind has little regard for the feelings of experience until after the fact. What you truly wish to be illuminated will be unless you close your eyes to blind yourself to it. 

Body:  Know what you can handle emotionally before seeking the knowing. If you have reason to not feel comfortable with the possibilities then you may choose you are better of simply wondering or forgetting it all together. 

Spirit:  All answers lie within. How far within you are willing to “bite off” you first have to ask yourself. 

Perspective:  Only hide what is truly worth the effort to keep hidden. In kind, only seek out the secrets that will benefit  you to know no matter what the answer may be. Do not burden yourself with others secrets. The burden of knowing can far outweigh the burden of curiosity. 

Choice: Know how far on a journey you are willing to go before embarking on it. If  you are not willing to follow it to the end, perhaps you should not embark at all.

11 - Keys

11 - Keys

Overview:  The opportunities for change lie before you. They are many and vast, however, it is not which door they open, it is which key do you use to open the one door. This is showing that there is only one door, but many keys. Many modes in which to walk through or unlock the door. This is powerful message to remind you it does not matter which key you choose, that is simply preference, the only thing that matters is that you open up and begin your journey. You are being given all you need to unlock and unblock energies of higher vibrations. 

How you get there does not matter, the method is not important, it is the goal that is. Open to possibilities and choose. No one is better than another. The power is  being given to you, it is in your hands. What ever your preference is not important, it is simple the importance of choosing your destiny. 

Person:  The one who has many options to offer or to choose. The one with the tools to make into reality, Possessing the ability to create options, choices, and opportunities. 

Situation:  Like the door, the keys poses the question of how much do you want to know, but more toward a bigger directive. At this point in your path, you are at a point of really opening up to new things. It is not the opportunities themselves that you are ready for, or not what the keys is showing, it is that you are ready to step up, or turn up the energy and understanding that you have within you. If you feel ready you are at a considerable milestone, it is time to take it up to the next level. 

Lesson:  Only seek the growth you need on your path. Be cautioned not to open too many doors at once or you may turn the gift of knowing into a burden. You have grown to the point that your choice is what will or will not allow things to come to you. You are in control of the valve. 

Result:  You will know and grow as much as you wish to. Wish wisely and thoughtfully. Do not allow your ego to cause you to take on more than you can handle at once. Know your boundaries of efficiency without setting up walls of fear. 

Mind:  When pondering ideas, theories, or “what ifs”, do not try to consider all the details until a single idea is chosen. Filter possibilities through your own filter of what you are willing to deal with or handle. 

Body:  Seeking possibilities through physical means. Research, investigate, consult and converse for trusted opinions. All within reasonable means until you choose. 

Spirit:  One path at a time. You may feel drawn to other situations which you can grow from. There will be time to work on them but if they are not what you are working on now, let them go. Trying to do all your spiritual work at once may burn you out entirely too fast. 

External:  Too much information or even choices may come to you if you remain open to them. Before you can take on any of this, you must first know what you are focusing on, then let that flow in. To open all the faucets at the same time would flood you and hinder your progress. 

Internal:  Curiosity is a wonderful thing, but don’t allow it to spread you thin. Effectively discern what you are ready to take on, or the direction you feel you need to go before first. 

Perspective:  What you don’t know may not hurt you after all. At times not knowing is a blessing so we can work on what we chose to work on instead of working on everything that is put in front of us. 

Choice:  Everything? or Enough? 

12 - The Portal

12 - The Portal

Overview:  The doorway of the spiritual world. It brings source energy into the physical world. Unrestrained in the presence of this energy. Naked of the ego or identity. Actively releasing and transforming of self to all source energy. This is birth and re-birth. A completely new energy not a new version of the old. 

The portal is the creating or becoming new. New life. Birthing into the physical world consisting from anything from ideas to children. From re-inventing ourselves to creating something from scratch. All new energy applies to the position this card represents. 

Person:  The one who opens up vibrations. Creating an avenue or vessel to come into the world. One who evokes newness by the changing of vibration, not the force of will. Changing vibration of self and of circumstances. 

Situation:  Preparing to evoke change in a way not only by embracing change itself but actively helping create it energetically. Put energy into what you wish to come to life, or what you wish to become. More than physical action it is aligning your vibration with the creative power. 

Lesson:  You can only draw to you that of your own vibration. Be what you wish to bring into your life. Become the energy of what you want. 

Result:  You will create, become, and bring to you anything and everything you vibrate with. If you do not like what is coming or becoming around you, change your vibration through internal spiritual work. 

Mind:  You are focused on creating, keep your thoughts working on what will become instead of reason it may not become. Be in the thought pattern of it beings now. 

Body:  The physical aspects of what you wish to create are within you. Your physical world may need attention to focus but that attention should be done on a spiritual level first. 

Spirit:   There is much waiting to come to you, but it is not able to until you align your vibration with it. Free yourself from your own limitations. Cleanse yourself with possibility and allow it to happen. 

External:  Things are put on your path and even in your way to guide you in the correct direction of what you want. Do not see them as obstacles as much as guiding posts. 

Internal:  Urges or impulses outside normal contexts, and instincts are driving you in the direction you need to be in. Follow the feelings you get from within even if you are not able to understand how they would apply to what you want. Hind site is truly 20/20 so if you wish to see clearly move forward to see what obstacles are or aren’t in front of you. 

Perspective:  Follow what you are drawn to energetically. Your inner guidance will direct you to what you need, trust that instead of trusting past experiences or fears. 

Choice:  Do you want this strongly enough to re-create yourself in order to make it so. 

13 - Earth Angel

13 - Earth Angel

Overview: Divine actions or assistance through physical world means. A high vibration yet thoroughly grounded. Purpose served or aid given through physical action or means. Grounded solutions to spiritual challenges. The gentle loving hand instead of the “ahha” moment of conscious expansion. 

The support you need, no matter on what energetic level should be used through the physical world means. Approach solutions or assistance in physical forms. Actively doing instead of meditating, or even contemplating. This shows what ever you are trying to heal its remedy will be through physical world means or assistance, not divine guidance. Although your guidance may point you in a direction, it still needs to be addressed in the physical world. If trying to help or aid others do so via physical world means in lieu of prayers. 

Person: The helper, the one who aides via physical, or physical world means. The communicator, spiritual in purpose by physical in mode. 

Situation:  Assistance by effort, or physical contribution. Aiding a situation with action or support via physical world means. The purpose of this situations is spiritual but the way to help the situation is physical. This can mean by putting in physical effort, financial assistance. Anything that would be considered of the physical world, vs prayer or meditation for spiritual, or counseling for mental. This assistance is all about the physical world although it is a gift from spirit. 

Lesson:  Sometimes the simple act of lending a hand can have greater impact that you  may think. Don’t suppose you know how much good your effort can do. Do for the sake of assisting, not for what result you see as possible. Do not spread yourself too thin either by trying to help everyone and everything. You need time to replenish or rest so you are available the next time, and so you yourself do not become the one in need of assistance. Remember, assisting is not doing for. 

Result:  Assistance is needed. Either your assistance for others, or others assistance for you. In either case help is needed to get you where you are headed. Helping others can fill you in some ways as well, and by doing so it may help yourself more than you may see possible. 

Mind:  “Fixing” for others, may not be helping. Trust assistance is when you feel driven to help, instead of a “should”. When you offer to assist or feel you need assistance on an impulse instead of a habit, then you can trust that. 

Body:   Balance is needed for you to thrive. You can only give what you have to give, be sure you are in line and not overextending your own resources. Helping others can feed you in many ways, but you can not likely run on only that. Replenish yourself when you feel “off” or “unwilling”. As long as you keep a balance, helping others will come very naturally and not drain you. 

Spirit:  Being accepting of others will to assist you and your will to assist others feed your soul. It is good for you vibration, your energetic self. You grow through bothh aspects of this process. If you are wishing further growth in this area, accept and offer more assistance. Pay it forward and it will go all around. 

External:  You may asked by many for your assistance. This is actually for you if you do your work to keep balanced. If you consider the process of replenishing yourself a way in which you grow, as well as the function of effectively determining when you can or cannot be of assistance. The opportunity is for you to grow. So when many opportunities for you to assist create ways for you to both give assistance, accept assistance, and balance your limits. 

Internal:  The feeling of wanting to help everybody in a way is a catalyst for you to accept help yourself and for you to help yourself. Doing more to feed yourself more. That feeling of wanting to help, as long as you are in balance and not becoming a martyr, is actually your intuition pushing you to grow. 

Perception:  Set healthy boundaries and the opportunity to be healthy wiil be simple. What you give is what you get, so when it comes to you be ready to receive it. To give of yourself without allowing yourself to receive is not helping anyone. 

Choice:  Allow assistance to flow like abundance, you cannot really give if you are not willing to receive. That is being in balance with the flow of things, to only give when you are not allowing to receive, your efforts are in vein.

14 - Observer

14 - Observer

Overview:  Equation the inference of cause and effect, actions verse reactions. The understanding of experience and observation. Seeing purpose on multiple levels based on accumulated experience. The knowing of whys and hows. The Problem solver mentally and energetically. Seeing truth within and beyond emotion. 

Apply what you know to a situation. If what you feel does not match what you think, take a further step back. This is the application of experience, it appears when all the pieces are available but the puzzle is not yet put together. Stand back and look at things from the outside then re-analyze it with a refreshed look. 

Person:  The one who takes notice of what is going on and all the details and potentials behind the action. On multiple levels from multiple angels the Observer bears witness to the interaction of energies in all their splendor. Watching for all the answers, how, why, why not, who, when, if - then. The one with the information accumulated through unbiased observation. 

Situation:  This is not about wait and see, this about wait and observe before you draw any conclusion, never mind plans of action. Gather as much information about a situation before choosing the role you will play in it, if any. Take effort to not act on impulse, for those impulses are likely fueled by incorrect or lack of information. It is only through seeing the bigger picture with all the intricacies that you can have any kind of intelligent opinion. 

Lesson:   There is always more to see, more information to be gained. Make your decisions based on what you know from your observations. You can trust your observations more than you can input from others. All may not be what it seems in other s point of view or your own. At some point action may need to be taken, but make that under your terms by knowing what you are getting involved in. 

Result:  Things play out and become clearer in the end even if only for the sake of further understanding and growth. You will learn from this one way or another, which way is for your choosing, but it is suggested that you watch closely before making a move. 

Mind: Possibilities and calculations and calculations of possibilities all can cloud your mind with active thought. The observe mind is one silently chronicling the events before putting thought into it. We can paint pictures with our minds, however they are subjective. What you need is a photograph before you can analyze. Then the picture  you paint will be an educated one founded on a solid basis. 

Body: Avoid jumping to conclusions. The information that we can get from our physical world can be tainted, jaded, manipulated, especially from others. Accumulate facts without the person opinions of others including yourself and see what appears to be clear. Then you can form an opinion about it if you wish. 

Spirit: Feeling something happen is not the same as living it, but, you can get a good enough understanding to have a good idea about it. To get any intuitive insights you need to clear the cluttered ideas that you and others have packed away there. Only with a clear open vibration will answers come. Afterward  you may not believe how obvious it seems then, but until you find enough clarity, it will not be.

External:  Facts that are shown to you, or brought to you don’t seem to make sense. That is because they probably don’t. There is likely a missing piece of information that you need to put the puzzle together. So until that piece comes, keep yourself neutral and objective. 

Internal:  It is not difficult to see what we wish to in the world around us. However, that is not objective. It can be latent with preconceived ideas or judgments not only of other but of yourself.  We will find opportunity to fit in our belief in the picture of reality when the picture is not filled with facts. Gather more facts before you even decide to feel any particular way about a situation and you will do so in conscious. 

Perspective:  Take as many steps back as needed to see the whole picture. A painting under a magnifying glass will only appear as brush strokes. It is when you step back that those strokes become the picture. 

Choice:  You can assume or  you can know. Which is your preference? 

15 - Astral Guidance

15 - Astral Guidance

Overview:  The Celestial guiding energy. Assisting by clearly charting and navigating your path on a spiritual level. The energy that arranges the “signs” around you to keep you focused and on your path. The gift of certainty when you are in tune with and follow your own intuition. The whisper in your subconscious ear to evoke a resolute sense of knowing beyond thought. Effective discernment through reflection within and trust of self, not for the sake of ego or the individual but for the connection to all things aligned with purpose.

Person:  The one with the higher, other-worldly vibration. Is strongly guided to higher realms and strongly walks with purpose. This person to seek for guidance, for assistance with decisions for her counsel is guided through a divine nature. The one who is certain of the path she is on. 

Situation:  Things come to you for a reason, in your mind of from others. This is guidance presenting itself in many different ways. The key to this is to know your self, and trust your on intuition well enough to discern what is and is not guidance. This may have challenges at first, but will come naturally the more you flow with it and recognize it as your true nature, or natural state of being. 

Lesson:  Your path is laid before you. You have already chosen it, now  you have to choose to follow it completely. Do not allow others to meddle or interfere with your path. 

Result:  You know where your path is leading you, how long you take to et there is up to the level you are willing to give yourself to it. 

MInd:  Making connections and having understanding beyond what you “should” know (by physical world standards). Your insights are clear and strong. If there are any seeds of doubt remaining from your time before this path, now would be the time to recycle them into more proof of the strength of your path. You had to overcome those doubts to get where you are so they only exist to prove to you that you can overcome them for your path is true. 

Body:  There are no “real” obstacles to your path now, however, there maybe be many illusions of them. They challenge you to not only walk the talk, but to walk the know. 

Spirit:   Your spirit is driving/ at the wheel. Let it. It knows the way it is the energetic thread that connects you to all things, to purpose itself. Let your intuition guide you more than anything else in your life and you will be well on your way. 

External:  Opportunities come to you ato ask you to use your guidance. No experience needed. Step up, this is your guidance entering the physical realm to boost you along. Do not allow others doubts or disagreements hinder you on walking your path. It is between you and your guidance. 

Internal:  Faith over fear if all else fails. You feel the strength of the alignment with your path, enough that it does not take much effort to stay in tune with it. Any residual hesitations will vibrate off or simply fade away the longer you remain in that vibration. 

Perspective: Faith over fear. Even if both are illusions at least faith has a certain ring to it. 

Choice: Follow that which feels correct, or that which does not feel correct regardless of ideas the world has imprinted on us. 

16 - The Grand Electron

16 - The Grand Electron

Overview:  The absolutely unbridled and infinite energy. This energy has no bias, or intent, purpose or direction, until one is given to it. This energy is you, or around you and is simply asking for your direction. Even if you are asking yourself. The truth may be that you have had all you need to accomplish whatever you wish, but ill or lacking direction of that energy has created other obstacle. Coupled with the law of attraction, this card very much depicts a need to choose and focus. Letting go of all the things that we don’t want it to create. Its only function is to create, what it creates is determined by you. 

Person: The one with ever lasting energy looking for something to put it into. Idle hands will get you in trouble. Direction is very much needed for this person to keep from reeking havoc. A project, a problem to work on, or just “work” to do that is interesting enough to burn off some of that energy. 

SItuation: Much energy has been built up regarding the situation. It has to do more then vent. It is the point that the lava needs a channel to flow down before it explodes. This is the effect of lack of action, or more specifically lack of direction. If you build up energy but can’t decide what to do with it you are headed for some spontaneous results. They may not be negative but with no direction given to this energy it will be very random. Choosing what to put this energy into would be much more conducive to your path. This goes for thoughts, beliefs, actions, self-talk etc. Mind your thoughts, decide what you want to project and stay focused on it. 

Lesson: Direct your energy (or the energy around you) before it directs you. Apply it to something or simply choose instead of going back and forth, or changing your mind. PIck something and go after it. This is not the time to sit in idle and contemplate possibilities. Go forward. 

Result:  The fuse is lit. The rocket is ready to light. Chose what you are launching before it takes off on its own with no direction at all. 

Mind: Don’t store too much. Let some of those thoughts or plans out of your head. Journal them, write them on a bucket list, or even a to do list. Get them out of your head, they are cluttering things up and causing you to overload. Likewise with any thoughts or ideas about anything that is not conducive to what you are working on or focused on in this moment. Even if those ideas are related to what you are focusing on, get them on paper, or in the computer and out of your mind. You need the free space. 

Body:   Physically express all that has been building up. Do this through physical means especially very active means. Action, movement, DO. 

Spirit:  What you choose to focus on energetically, energy will be applied to. This is an important time to watch your focus. You have an intense manifestation power with this, but it is neither pro nor con until you direct it. So any negative aspects or fears lingering around you get into this energy, it could be problematic. Without hesitation focus on the good things you wish to bring about. The broader the scope the better. Electricity is a great thing but too much on one circuit can be quite bad. 

External:  It may seem like chaos around you. It is not personal just unguided energy. Situations that have not been dealt with blowing up in your face. Work it out, find a solution, a compromise, or even confront the issue if there is no other way, but sitting on your hands will only be detrimental. 

Internal: Holding in too much can cause you to spontaneously act or react harshly even uncontrollably. Find ways to reconcile to make this energy productive. Frustration can drive you to improvement. Boredom can drive  you to change. Allow it to be a productive instead of a destructive energy. This energy can be a powerful welling inside you, but you need to use it or lose it in a flash. 

Perspective:  You can direct the energy that flows into you, you can even generate, or accumulate it, but you cannot store it. For anything to “work” on any level, it needs to flow, not sit on the shelf. 

Choice:   Do as you will or risk the effect of completely random results. 

17 - Grandmother Moon

17 - Grandmother Moon

Overview:  Learning to weather and control your own internal tides knowing when to just flow and when to take action. When to make waves and when to ride them. Knowing when to recognize the flow of your self within the big picture, and big picture within yourself. An awareness of or lack of self control and internal discipline. Grandmother moon is established within herself. This does not make her perfect or devoid of lessons for her own path, but does deserve respect. The matriarch. 

Person:  Powerful feminine energy with strong divine connections. Not caught up in emotions, but heartless. Discerning and decisive, yet behind it with a caring, not quite nurturing, and far from enabling energy. 

SItuation: There are times for making waves and there are times for riding them. It is very important for you to know the difference, not only in that decision itself, but the confidence of doing so. If you do not feel like you are strong enough, then you are not, ride it out. If you feel a drive and an intense conviction, then make the waves. The point is know yourself, act accordingly. If you do not have a strong knowing or confidence of self, then seek it while you ride things. Perhaps it is in fact this situations that teaches you who you are. 

Lesson: Humble confidence. Allow yourself to be taken by the waves that you can’t handle, or change, or have any input on. And confident enough to create the tide that will carry you forward. This is the focus owning who you are beyond reacting to emotions. True to yourself, your soul, your path actively and passively, but not reacting out of emotion in a random unspecific or undetermined way. 

Result:  You will learn what you need to learn to walk forward. You become strong and confident. True “power” is not exclusive it is connected, inclusive. It is being a part of a whole not the ego, or the woe, or the Egwoe. Clarity in this will or is now apparent. 

Mind:  There will always be a “devil” on one shoulder and an “angel” on the other. In the mind position grandmother moon dictates we know the difference and who to listen to when. Although the previously stated analogy is commonly understood, the real truth is the “devil” has a halo, and the “angel” has horns and a pitchfork. Being more connected will tend to lead you to many more dead ends. In the know, in the flow, means defining and determining within linear physical world terms, what is far beyond all of that, is futile and in vein. The only part the mind has in this is to allow the energy to flow in line with intuition, not simple “reasoning” or practicality.  

Body:  Focus on tending what needs to be tended, and “muscle through” what needs to be worked. You can feel pain from be lazy, or from an injury. Know the difference. Just like in the physical world, there are things that have to be done, and things that we think have to be done. The latter is based on the ideas only of the physical world not of the big picture. Knowing what be assertive and when to be tolerant  or allowing. Neither should be randomly or non specifically. Determine if it is actually something that needs your attention, for you to step in, or is it something, you just think you need to do. Many people find out, when they get laid off that the company really could survive without them. 

Spirit:  The more you are connected and in the flow, the more that will be asked of you. Not that you would necessarily notice. But the more purpose in the grand scheme of things will be on your plate, not just your own learning. You will be more of a vessel. You may not even notice, because once you embrace the flow of things it will, and should be, effortless. 

External: The people, groups, energies, circumstances around you that seem to have specific direction, but not necessarily for you or against you. Sometimes we confuse this as if every person needs to be our enemy or our friend. Or every situation is either for us or against us. Good, evil etc.. As an external influence this is either people learning the balance or the ebb and flow, or the dynamics of the situation are to tech you the same. It is not personal, it is only information and experience, and often has much less to do with our own path than it actually does. 

Internal: The situations around you are bringing to light what you need to learn, from, focus on, or really just plain heal. Ask yourself what part of you is in agreement with what is “coming at you”. Not that you truly agree with it, but a part of you does. If you talk to yourself in a self defeating way, you will draw people to you that speak to you in the same energetic or literal tone. Thought this may not be clear until we break it down to parts, it is easy to get lost in the sea of emotion if our focus on resolving it is not deliberate. 

Perspective:  Its not about you, but it is. It is not about you as a person it is about you as a soul. If you were never challenged you would never know what you are made of, nor what you can accomplish. The truth is, even is bad situations or even people with ill intent are coming at you, the only thing that matters is how you can grow from it. In a way that is good for you, not anti them. They are only pawns in the scheme of you. This does not speak to them, (or the situation) personally, just simply in your “world” on your path, they are only relevant enough to help steer you the direction you need to go. To help you learn what you need to. 

Choice:  If you really need to ask, without even a strong idea in the back of your mind what the right answer is, then you have work to do. If you do have a strong idea, then the next question is why are you asking what you already know. 

18 - Merlyn

18 - Merlyn

Overview: The future cannot be truly understood  beyond the choices we have made. The visionary who sees the potential of choices and the probability or trend of the current flow. Difficulty focusing in the present or manifesting in the moment. To busy looking ahead to realize how fast everything is moving now. Resulting in coming up with tomorrows idea, the day after tomorrow. Time is a flow, the reason we need to be in the present is like why an instrument sounds better in tune. It is the sweet spot. Like trying to catch up with someone it a shopping mall, if you try to head them off you are not aware of what turn they may take, and risk losing them completely. If we are focused to much on the future, there is not energy in the present to make things happen that create that future. And at the same time it is all happening in a perfect divine alignment of purpose or destiny and choice or free-will. Coming into ones power even if naively. 

Person:   The mind races ahead and the body struggles to keep up. As a partner, or colleague, a perfect visionary or idea person. Even problem solver or avoider. The one who will see it before it comes. Not the person you want to rely on to get other things done. Follow through is not the purpose of the Seer. If you want to help make that future by all means do so, but realize you will be doing most of the assertive or even physical effort / footwork. 

SItuation: The goal has been outweighing lessons to be learned along the way and the connections to be made. If you try to jump ahead you will be slowed down. Thre are whoops that do need to be jumped through and no matter how well you can focus on something in your mind you will not have it if you don’t take action towards achieving it. Or you simply need to allow yourself to envision instead of only putting in physical effort. There needs to be a dream, but there also needs to be more than a dream. 

Lesson:  The greatest growth can only come through balance with anything. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket etc. It is learning to self manage the energy of creative force and physical world processes. Neither alone has power outside its own environment, but paired they can transcend beyond limitations. 

Result:  Being too anxious can cause you to either miss opportunities, or create things prematurely. Prematurely would be the absolute key word at play here. Some things needs to be incubated and every idea of how grand they could be right now, are nothing if they are not allowed the time, space, and energy to grow. Remember you do not want to carry this, you want to have a life of its own. To try to carry it would be a burden, and carrying it is not creating it. It has to grow on its own, beyond you even if you are the focal point of it. As your result this cards speaks to  

Mind:  Learning to harness potential without hindering is creative abundance. Nurturing without stifling. Too focused on the goal and not the steps it will take to get you there. A pre-occupation. Over focus can be as bad as under focus. Balance your ideas, with your efforts. Your concept with you actions. 

Body:   Over focus on the end result can wreak havoc on the body. Don’t Assume there is no effect before you know, and don’t presume the worst before you have enough information. With a power to manifest it is important to keep thoughts clean and healthy. You could quickly transcend or digress based on the clarity and purity of your thought.  

Spirit:   You have recent arrived to a self realization of how much you are capable of, but there is a need to find a healthy balance with it. It is indeed your destiny to pursue even your wildest dreams but not too rashly. Do not rush it. You are awake and aware and capable, however, too much focus on what you want with little regard for the steps along the way can cause lesser results than you were striving for. Your path is to grow into this, not see it and instantly be it. It is a matter of integrating this new understanding of yourself into who you are as a person, an identity. They have been separated on some levels now you are bringing them together. Instant gratification would be self destructive. 

External: Circumstances and or other people may have influence which you are just starting to realize. It is now you see tat you have a choice. You can choose the direction you go. Neither the situation or any people involved may intend you harm or ill will, they are just looking too far ahead regarding you. That would pose the question to you why would their long term vision regarding you feel threatened. Or what are they trying to either steer themselves or you away from. 

Internal: Wanting too much too soon, getting ahead of yourself. There is a need for calmness. We often dream big but then do not realize what it will take to make it happen or what comes with it. It is like shooting forward at light speed. you don’t know where you are gonna land. If you take it a more reasonable pace and let the different parts of yourself merge together it will be smoother and the end results much less chaotic. The term “becareful what you wish” would be appropriate to this internal influence. 

Perspective: Just because you can see a direct line from point a to point b does not mean it is a direct route to get there. And you never know what you would miss along the way if you shot right to it. Rarely in life are the things we want so simple that we can just have it. We need to arrive to it. You need to vibate with it, even at the fastes healthy pace there is a blending, instead of slamming into it. Enjoying the development of its manifestation would be excellent and give you opportunity to truly savor what you desire, instead of gulping it down then finding something else to want.  

Choice:  Be present or be dissappointed. The knowledge is a gift do not make it a burden. 

19 - Block

19 - Block

Overview:  The energy of doubt or disbelief. The lesson of that which is disliked is often what we have most to learn from.  The full message or understanding you may be seeking cannot be accomplished with the block present. It is a resistance or a limitation.

Person:  Unable to see the forrest from the trees this person only sees what they are willing to see. Usually not what they want either. More likely what they don’t want. that behavior has been chosen enough times it has become more than even a habit. It has become automatic. With others try to understand that and help them see why, if as little as mentioning the differences between your way and theirs. If You are the subject in this case, you need to realize what you do automatically which prevents you from lacking visions of possibilities. It is often what you are most resistent to that offers the most to teach you. How that plays out can vary and is your work to do, but it is coming to you because you need to learn how to navigate your own stuff before you can navigate others stuff. 

SItuation: There are more possibilites than you may be seeing. Try canceling out the reasons of doubt. Put them aside for now until you can gain clarity. Often money, or logistics prevent us from even thinking about possibilies. and possibilities live on the other side of that wall we build up. We think it makes us safe in our minds, but it is actually making you a prisoner. It is not the ones who say “but I can’t”, it is the ones that say “what if?”. Even those examples can range all the way from one side to the other depending on the energy that is put into those ideas. 

Lesson: If you want to believe in limitations you are welcome to. The question is, does believing in limitations create more possibities or less. Miss-using “reason” to justify doubt is a common mistake. The only question is, is what you are doing working for you or not? 

Result: Learning to recognize and disspell the traps you have set for yourself. They are not helping. Even if you can just identify them would be progress. One step at a time. You will grow from this if you choose to grow. You will not if you choose not to.  

Mind:  Living within boundaries, blocks and walls brings the illusion of safe and secure, but when you realize that even those blocks etc are illusions and the only way to have any influence around your interactions with anything, is by you owning who you are and what is possible more than what is not possible. You can either grow or die. There are no other true choices in this “so called” reality. 

Body:   Our physical world loves to put limitations all around us. It is from a famework that it existst at all. But like a computer, it is a limited structure, but with it you can create things that seem impossible. In a sense, the purpose of learning the rules is to learn how to bend and break them, to go beyond what you knew before. Don’t allow the physical world to dictate who you think you can be. Do not let your body rule your mind or your spirit. They are conntected and should work together, but your body is the last one you want give the controls to. 

Spirit:   Your true nature cannot exist within such rigid limitations. Or at least you will have no perception of it. There is much more in store for you. Everything that happens which brings out doubt is there to remind you to look up 

External: Influences around you have limitations, or imposing limitations on you. you do not have to comply in either case. Limitations can be navigated, obstacles can be walked around, over through, and more if you have the right vibration. In truth is, if your vibration is not the same as those blocks they don’t really matter. This is not your licesnse to throw caution to the wind, nor disimiss the counsel of all others, it is taking their concerns and seeing past them, or your own concerns and seeing past or through them. Fear has its place, but it is not in the driver seat. it will help you recognize what you need to navigate. 

Internal: The limitations you impose upon yourself are of your own making. The good news is you have control over them. The Bad news is, you have probably made it a habit to see the blocks first. By stopping yourelf from your “default” behaviors, you will start to open up to possibilities of ways around even literal blocks. Out there, there is someone doing exactlyl what you think you cant do. Possibilities don’t usually come after the fact. It is often the limitations that create within that bring out our best work. So first stop from believing there are not possibilities and get creative, not conditional about what they might be. 

Perspective: Open up, if you think you know everything, then you have nothing to learn, or you will never know if you have something to learn or not. First imagine that three is an idea out there you have not considered, if you even considered anything outside of what you already thought. That is the questions of how you approach this. 

Choice:  To change anything, you must be willing to change. Because in the current situation you are the most perfect peice of that puzzle. To be the perfect piece in another puzzle you must change first, or accept and/or embrace the one you are in. Both are your control, even if you think you have none.

20 - Star Family

20 - Star Family

Overview:  Seeing yourself in a truer light, you then recognize those who vibrate with you on the same level of understanding. Be it a person, a situation, place, or even object, this card appears to reveal or remind us of who we really are outside our “physical world” identities.

Person:  The connection with someone that is beyond words. Not specifically to the power or intensity of the connection but the aspect of it that lacks explination or understanding. This could be a person that understands some of the things you are going through that no one else does. usually things that are further “out there”. The person you have a specific connection with even if they are outside what you might consider a social norm.  

SItuation: There are connections that need to be made, possible dynamics that need to be learned as well. This is very much about things happening for a reason and a learning to trust that or at least keep an open mind to it instead of dismissing it as “odd”. 

Lesson: There is a part of you that knows more than your brain, and more than your brain will filter through the identity you have chosen. You could call this intuition. Or, you can simply look at it as your antenna, guiding you to where you need to, who you need to be around, and seeking that commonality instead of trying to escape anything outside of your comfortzone or want, but only when you are drawn to. Not to counter just for its own sake.  

Result:  Growth is eminent, and the future holds many things we never could have imagined. So take these opportunities to humble yourself, and thank you guidance for bringing those into you life, even if you don’t know why. 

Mind:  Be more open to discover more, to seek out more possibiliities. It is not hat you are closed minded, but the exercize of putting your intuition or inner knowing as a priority. Allowing your inner wisdom speak. Opporotunites that do not make sense are when we should ask the most questions instead of making the most assumptions. 

Body:   Behavior is learned, and mimiced. There are people in your life that are very connected to you. Even if not your normal crowd, age range etc. They are meant to be in your life, even if limited amounts. there is a connection there that goes behind this life, this world. You do not have to understand it, you do not have to chase it, simply acknowledge ther is something there. We recognize our own, even if we don’t know 


Spirit:   Your soul has friends to. They may not fit the mold our ego likes but they do fit in our lives in one unusual way or another. On a soul leve we are all a lot more alike than different. That is actually true here on earth, but we are not used to recognizing that as much. We all come into everyones life for a reason, as they in ours, follow yours and you willl connect members of your sould family again. Even if you don’t know you are doing it. 

External:  Others may be drawn to you in ways they themselves to not understand. Do not be too quick to judge them, but of coarse keep your own safety as a priority. They are likely not aware of it either, but there is something powerful in recognizing a vibrational likeness with another soul that is a strong reminder of who we really are. 

Internal: You will seek things out, without a likely understanding as to why. There may be no clear answer to that. It is not important. What is important is that you keep an open mind. A craving can lead to a connection. This is not your license to go follow your craving. But a desire to do something. Follow what you are drawn to within healthy reason. See where or what it leads to, but do not take what motivates you as the prize. It is the journy to it, that is the true treasure. 

Perspective:  Perhaps you are not meant to know everything about everything. Imagine how many things you might be dismissing in your life. You probably have many wonderful connection that were not planned and wouldn’t look good “ on paper” if you tried to plan them. Allow your path to have its mysteries but recognize when something rings, or resonates with you. These simple little lessons in recognizing our own like vibration could have imense implications in the future.

Choice:  You’ll never know what you are missing if you are certain you are missing anything. Nurture the connections you feel, or never know what you don’t know.

21 - Rising

21 - Rising

Overview:  The phoenix rising from the ashes. The process of burning away the old for renewal and rebirth. More specifically focusing on the rising after hitting the bottom. The recreating process. This is a time to embrace the newness, revel in it, love it.

Person:  Rising represents the type of person that flourishes in rebirth. In the growth come from everything prior burning down. They may not need as much help as you think, and this is not a position. It is a cycle. Rising is that day after moment or rebuilding. Perspectives have been realigned. And when they needs adjustment again so again with the phoenix will burn to rise again. 

SItuation: If the situation is not growing it is falling apart. Change is eminent an the best growth is the rebuilding. So do not fret when things start coming undone. This card is fortelling that huge positive change is coming but it cannot be created with circumstances the way they are. They will become chaos before they become beautiful. This is a heads up to remain flexible. If the circumstances are falling apart know that it is only when enough of what what has burnt away that you can restart. Do not seek the end, seek the new begning that comes after it. 

Lesson:  Know the cycles of things. Nothing lasts forever, as it shouldn’t. Everything has an eb and flow. It is when we can openly see this that it becomes easier to weather the tide of things. Let anything other than the absolute core of anything fade away if it chooses too. Let it happen and it will give you more room to create when this cycle is over. 

Result:  Change for the better. If simpler means better in the greater good of things than so be it. There is no guarantee other than what no longer serves you will not stay. It is important to not fret over this. Do not try to hang on to things that are falling away. They are because they are meant to. Of coarse you can feel how ever you want to about it, there is no right answer to the emotional aspect of it, but be cautious about the perspective you choose out of it. 

Mind:  If old ideas you have no longer serve you, the only way for them to change is for something to prove them wrong, inconsistent, or break them apart. Do now attatch your identity or sense of self to these things for they are not who you are. Be open to new understandings and perspectives. Be willing to let go of old thinking butfreo you determine what is and is not appropriate for you. 

Body:   Our perception of the physical world iteself is the illusion of cause and effect. Therefore if there is change needed, something needs to fail to prove it is needed. If you are set in your approach to things, those things will need to burn away before you are able to consider new ways. If you don’t wish to repeat the same lesson, let go of the attachment to these ideas that support them. 

Spirit:   It is often in our worst moments that we truly surrend and seek guidance. This is why life may bring you to your knees. If you received giudance during times where everything is fine, you would not listen as intently, nor be as willing to change what is needed for your spiritual growth. The purpose behind the change or the breakdown of things is to get you to pay attention to your soul, your guidance, your spirit. 

External: Circumstances that fall apart are doing so to bring your attention to needed changes. If you can catch a feeling or idea about the changes that are needed, try to make them ahead of time to avoid hitting the bottom. But if this is chosen it will have to be a clean slate dynamic in order to prevent the collapse prior to rebuilding. 

Internal: Your approach, both physical and mentally need to change. Your way of thinking about it do not co-exist well with the way things need to be. It is a misalignment and until that is aligned, there it will continue to be broken down. 

Perspective:  In order for things to change you have to be willing ot literally give up all that is now for that change. If you have been asking for change, guess what ? it is here. Now is not the time to change your mind or hesitate out of longing for comfort. Growth is upon you. It is time to re-invent your how you see things. 

Choice:  More of the same? Are you willing to let things go that do not belong?

21 - Rsing

21 - Rsing

Overview:  The phoenix rising from the ashes. The process of burning away the old for renewal and rebirth. More specifically focusing on the rising after hitting the bottom. The recreating process. This is a time to embrace the newness, revel in it, love it.

Person:  Rising represents the type of person that flourishes in rebirth. In the growth come from everything prior burning down. They may not need as much help as you think, and this is not a position. It is a cycle. Rising is that day after moment or rebuilding. Perspectives have been realigned. And when they needs adjustment again so again with the phoenix will burn to rise again. 

SItuation: If the situation is not growing it is falling apart. Change is eminent an the best growth is the rebuilding. So do not fret when things start coming undone. This card is fortelling that huge positive change is coming but it cannot be created with circumstances the way they are. They will become chaos before they become beautiful. This is a heads up to remain flexible. If the circumstances are falling apart know that it is only when enough of what what has burnt away that you can restart. Do not seek the end, seek the new begning that comes after it. 

Lesson:  Know the cycles of things. Nothing lasts forever, as it shouldn’t. Everything has an eb and flow. It is when we can openly see this that it becomes easier to weather the tide of things. Let anything other than the absolute core of anything fade away if it chooses too. Let it happen and it will give you more room to create when this cycle is over. 

Result:  Change for the better. If simpler means better in the greater good of things than so be it. There is no guarantee other than what no longer serves you will not stay. It is important to not fret over this. Do not try to hang on to things that are falling away. They are because they are meant to. Of coarse you can feel how ever you want to about it, there is no right answer to the emotional aspect of it, but be cautious about the perspective you choose out of it. 

Mind:  If old ideas you have no longer serve you, the only way for them to change is for something to prove them wrong, inconsistent, or break them apart. Do now attatch your identity or sense of self to these things for they are not who you are. Be open to new understandings and perspectives. Be willing to let go of old thinking butfreo you determine what is and is not appropriate for you. 

Body:   Our perception of the physical world iteself is the illusion of cause and effect. Therefore if there is change needed, something needs to fail to prove it is needed. If you are set in your approach to things, those things will need to burn away before you are able to consider new ways. If you don’t wish to repeat the same lesson, let go of the attachment to these ideas that support them. 

Spirit:   It is often in our worst moments that we truly surrend and seek guidance. This is why life may bring you to your knees. If you received giudance during times where everything is fine, you would not listen as intently, nor be as willing to change what is needed for your spiritual growth. The purpose behind the change or the breakdown of things is to get you to pay attention to your soul, your guidance, your spirit. 

External: Circumstances that fall apart are doing so to bring your attention to needed changes. If you can catch a feeling or idea about the changes that are needed, try to make them ahead of time to avoid hitting the bottom. But if this is chosen it will have to be a clean slate dynamic in order to prevent the collapse prior to rebuilding. 

Internal: Your approach, both physical and mentally need to change. Your way of thinking about it do not co-exist well with the way things need to be. It is a misalignment and until that is aligned, there it will continue to be broken down. 

Perspective:  In order for things to change you have to be willing ot literally give up all that is now for that change. If you have been asking for change, guess what ? it is here. Now is not the time to change your mind or hesitate out of longing for comfort. Growth is upon you. It is time to re-invent your how you see things. 

Choice:  More of the same? Are you willing to let things go that do not belong?

22 - Mind

22 - Mind

Overview:  The mind is where we process both “reality” or the “physical world” as well as energy or the spiritual world. How we take things in and how we put it back out. It is the link between the two. What you think about anything is an aspect of its process, if what you think conflicts or contradicts the results the thought may need revision. Conversely if the thought has worked then nurture and expand it. Balance through process. 

Person:  The connection between the two. Usually the objective observer. Witness what happens based on what is believed and what is believed based on what happens. Taking notes and being witness. At times the mind person, can have an agenda and come into a situation based on their beliefs and only see it they way they want to see it, because of what they believe. This does not make it true. This person if energetically mature enough, should be a helpful liason to understanding yourself and your path. If it is someone that brings friction or confrontation, simply realize your world does not fit into their mold and they simply are incapable of understanding. Do not prejudge or too quickly. Let them show their intentions by their actions up to and including if the mind person is you. 

SItuation: There is much to be noted from the situation. Dynamics to be understood. Mostly of what the situation is and how it was created from beliefs or ideas then action taken based on them . And back and forth through the same cycle. Regardless of the status of the situation there are things to be learned from it regarding what you believe and the actions you take. How the two dance together and create your “reality”. If it is working for you, recognize the process that makes it work. If it is not, then recognize the process that makes it not work. It has nothing to do with luck, or anything happening to or for you, it is all about what you have learned vs what you have yet to learn. Every situation has a golden nugget of understanding, do not throw any of them away. 

Lesson: If you are acting in a way that does not align with what you believe you have a failure system. It will never work consistently with that dynamic. You have to decide if you are going to adjust your beliefs to the actions you take, or adjust your actions by the beliefs you have. Many times it is a mix because the two are simply in conflict. We can all have perfectionist ideals about ourselves and of the world, but if they fall short, it is the lack of effort, or is that idea more than you are willing to create. Most anyone could have the ideal figure, but not everybody feels it is worth the work and commitment to get it. The trade off does not pay off to them. So instead of dreaming and wishing, choose what you are comfortable with and create with a healthier balance, opposed to creating from an unhealthy imbalance. 

Result: Clarity. That can be viewed as good or bad based on the situations but the truth is anything that helps you become more clear is positive. The clearer you get about who you are and what you want to create the more you will create it. Hands down, no exceptions. It does not mean you will reach or have all of your wildest expectations, but what you will have is a healthy balance of self which will bring more happiness than winning the lottery. 

Mind:  The mind card in the mind position, if that is not synchronicity. This is very promising. You are focused on learning from your so called mistakes, or much better to say “experiences”. That is how the world works. We must dream and we must create, and finding our sweet spot of the two within ourselves is a wonderful accomplishment. It however, does not mean you are done, the other aspects of you need to align as well, but the piece is in the right place. You are learning and growing toward a more whole you on this level. You gain understanding with your interaction around you and each inner thought within you. Continue to observe and learn everything you can while focusing on the rest of your whole being aspects. 

Body:   The mind card in this position although not ideal it is a positive one. You are capable of observing the flow of things and where the obstacles are and adjust accordingly. It is a wisdom a cunning of sorts. You can trial and error observe results to get you in a direction or toward a goal. The trick is not to get too pre-occupied with the testing or observance. The body position is all about the physical world and in the physical world action is needed. The mind card shows that you are working toward the correct action, but the action has to come. Do not dwell in the pondering. Physical world rules dictate you are better off to act, then observe a mistake, then never act out of not finding a clear way in your mind. You can only calculate so much reaction. There are always incalculable variables and if you are accustomed to thinking every action through before you do anything, opportunities will likely be missed.

Spirit:   The mind card in the spirit position, can be a positive, but not ideal. The mind card shows that you are willing to observe things. To give them a chance, an opportunity. But you may be too caught up on the results, the facts what is proven. The can only handle so much of the spirit level of life, it seems it can be a lot, and by most standards it is, but the spirit realm or dimension is far more vast than our human minds can really understand. Even the idea of something truly being limitless can not be understood. The mental understanding that leaves is more like an expressionistic painting of something. The true concept is incalculable. So, good that you are open, but to be truly open a process or more specifically a way of being on this level needs to be reached. As always, the energies of our different levels are meant to mix and mingle with each other, they are not meant to move in permanently. They have a place they belong. 

External: The mind influences in the external world can be anything supporting the process of learning and growing through experience and observation. It is important to keep emotions in check, all that is coming to you, or even at you, is an expression of your beliefs mixed with your actions. Like a recipe. If it doesn’t taste good time to back track or start over. Not out of frustration but the obvious realization that “that way didn’t work”. To really do that, you need to fist examine what your beliefs are, and what do your actions demonstrate. If they are opposed or in conflict, you will surely draw conflict to you. Figure out which you need more of and which you need less of. Or maybe it is the process in which they are used. The mind card is as it would seem about analysis. What is the world showing you. About you, about your beliefs. Not to be taken personally to be taken literally as input. Not all that comes at you means you have to change anything. Sometimes it is the learning to stand the ground, but that too applies to beliefs mixed with actions. Get it? Got it? Good!

Internal: The mind card as an internal influence is all about thinking too much. Thinking and processing can only get you so far. There is a need to test the theories to see if or how well they work or don’t work. Simulators are great for testing but at some point, you need to try the real thing. What will inevitablly happen is your thoughts will start to leak out in random unintentional actions. This is how our physical presence in the world makes itself known when it is too suppressed, or held in for too long. As always having a balance is the key to productive healthy growth instead of wildly random. 

Perspective:  As a perspective the mind shows us how to look at what is created from what we believe and our actions. You are in complete control over this, even when it does not seem apparent. The trick about this balance is that beliefs are not fixed or absolutely. They are the operating system your brain needs to get to the next point of understanding. Do not seek to find the ideal one and keep it forever. That would be foolish and futile. The mind perspective is recognizing your ability to have an effect on your life and the health of your energy over all. You can adjust the ingredients to the soup of you to make it taste just how you like. If it doesn’t taste good now, then you have work to do. And that is simply it. Nothing is happening to you, everything is happening for you, to show you, or to help you “resolve”. 

Choice:  Believe it, or not. Do, or do not. Which works for you? and why?

23 - Rose

23 - Rose

Overview:  The incredible ability to manifest or create life and joy in places which it would be otherwise devoid. Beauty bestowed from a source beyond the “physical world” limitations. Creating what was thought to not be possible. Bringing love and joy into places devoid of it.

Person:  The survivor, the one who can make something happen out of nothing. Not usually out of choice, often out of necessity, and other times for fun. This is the person that can do, or more directly “pull off” what most couldn’t and other don’t even think could be done. They are truly resouceful and creative problem solvers. Their secret is to not allow circumstances to dictate who they are, nor what is possible. The rose focuses on the core of what they want, not the illusion and finds ways to get it. Many wants in life, are built on illusions. The Rose sees the cores of these things. Security, what it really means and what it really means to have it, vs the illusion of it. The true things in life are easier to come by if we know how to look at them instead of chasing after ideas that don’t really exist on a solid real form. Money is not happiness but abundance can be, and they are not the same thing. You have an abundance of money, but money is not abundance. A cheesburger is food, but food is not a cheesburger. One is the subcategory of the other, not the other way around. Seeing the core needs, and even wants is the only way to true happiness, and circumstances have much less to do with these things than we think. The Rose knows this even if they don’t know they know this. 

SItuation: Circumstance may not be just what you wanted but everything you truly need is in front of you if you know how to look. Perhaps the lack is for your benefit so you can really sort through your priorities of what matters vs what we put importance on. You can go further to say this is creating an opportunity to find those core things that make you happy, that are full filling, instead of a need that constantly needs to be filled because it is hallow. The sooner you see this as an opportunity, the sooner you will find a more solid idea of what brings you joy and fullfills you. Once you do the other stuff will not matter. 

Lesson: There is always someone that has it harder. And there is likely someone who has it harder by our perception that is happier than where we are right now. Why is that? Are you a bad person? NO, but your perspective needs adjustment. Your path will continue to bring you opportunity to do that. When you had a lot of what you thought brought you happiness, it was not enough. So, now you have less. If we don’t learn what we need to the circumstances change to make it more obvious. It is often when we find life challenging us more that are the gifts not the punishments we thought they were. 

Result: Ultimately happiness. Realizing how blessed you are, how fortunate you are, not out of a sense of guilt by seeing those who have less, but only focusing on what you do have, what you have been gifted with. Your priorities are realigned now in a healthier way. Now the right things will be attracted to you and things will not feel as much of a challenge. Not because of the situation but because your understanding of what matters has changed and the less you had to work with the more fortunate you were, because it showed you what truly has value.  

Mind:  You are able to find all that you need. The solutions are all around you, but you need to pay attention to them. Be sure you are not dismissing ideas because you don’t see a way to make them happen. The same idea can have many different applications or ways of doing that might work. The key point is to really examine what the options you have thought about. Break them into the core form of the idea and then cultivate it. The boundaries within the situation will create an opportunity for you to creatively problem solve and come up with solutions you might not have otherwise. 

Body:   In your physical world and your physical body be sure the information you have reviewed is accurate. From the input from other people, to test results etc. Go back through the actual details you have and make sure they are valid and correct. Weed anything that might be embellished, exaggerated or blown out of proportion. At the same time, be sure the information is not an error. Check and recheck. There is a solution you just haven’t found it exactly yet. 

Spirit:   Find the purpose in its simplest form. The common denominator amongst many situations you have been in. Amongst all the questions you have been having. There is a single common thread that will make the difference when you shed a light on it. It is likely something you may have over looked. The Rose is telling you it is already there but you need to put on the right perspective to see it. Sometimes the seeker needs to become their own guide in order to find what they are truly looking for. 

External: Limitations that are imposed on you are opportunities. Avoid getting caught up int he “i can’t” , or worse its close cousin “ i can’t, because . . . “ They are traps. They are not true. The Rose shows us that there is much to be gained from what seems like little. Perhaps this is a humbling moment for you to realize all that you have had, and how easy it is to over look things when you little things have been given bigger importance and important things have been left neglected. 

Internal: If you base everything upon what you have already experienced, there is nothing new to be gained or to had. LIfe is a like a rare fruit, sometimes it take more work to extract the essence of it, but there is lot that has been left behind. There is much to be said about focusing on gratitude. It is easy to say when things are going well, it can be harder to say when you feel you have little to be grateful for. If you think about it, you have had distractions taken away from you to help you learn this. That iself is something to be grateful for. And it has come to this because every other way, you have not seen it. So this is all be re-arranged to give you focus on what is really important. A real reality check of priorities and humbling gratitude. Sometimes we need less to realize we have more. 

Perspective:  Less is more. Find the smallest thing that you can be grateful for and build on it. You have been bombarded with distractions which are now being taken away from you so you can see clearer. Opportunities have gone by that you didn’t so now it has become a priority for you to realign your priorities. When you have little to work with you make more out of what you have. Learn to keep that perspective, and show gratitude for the core things that don’t change regardless of circumstances. 

Choice:  You can struggle to see clearly with a lot, or a little, which way do you think is easier. Make what you can, if you only wish to make complaints be sure they are addressed to yourself.

24 - Oasis

24 - Oasis

Overview: Removed from the physical world the oasis brings, mental and spiritual sanctuary. Peace in the temples of the mind and the spirit. This is a break, or a temporary disconnect from the physical world. Taking a moment to gain or re-gain clarity of self.

Person:  The person of the Oasis card is very much removed from things right now. They or you may be physically present, but a bit adrift mentally, and energetically on a whole other plain. They have found a spiritual rest stop, a place to go for them to regroup, process the growth they have endured and reconfiguring for the next phase. Although none of this is happening on a conscious level. It is cresting the hill and coasting on the downhill ride until it is time to re-engage. This person is simply removed at the moment but it is a much needed rest for. 

SItuation: The opportunity to regroup is here. Don’t over think it, don’t second guess it. Take the chance while you can to re-charge, recoupe. There will be a time soon enough to jump back into things but this time is for you and it is not only well deserved but needed. You cant keep going forward without catching your breath or taking a moment to reflect but not dwell. To step back, enjoy the view and let yourself reset for the next phase. Take the opportunity while you have it, when things turn back up, you will wish you had this time now. 

Lesson: You can win a marathon if you don’t pace yourself. If you have been pushing too hard, realize that continuing to push is a diminshing percentage because the amount you have to put into it continues to decrease the longer you postpone recahrging yourself. In all cases life is about balance and flow. You need to regroup and recharge. You are losing clarity and productivity for the sake of pushing forward when if you take this time, even if this moment to let yourself get back up to 100%.  Take the time while you can, this is what you are being told, pay attention. 

Result:  You have worked very hard, possibly too hard to get to this point. Take a step back, let someone else drive for a bit. There are things you will learn from allowing yourself rest and or letting someone else contribute. The lesson of balance of self is very important. If you do not have healthy boundaries of what you will take on, then you will burn yourself out before you get ½ of what you set to accomplish done. Even if you are working on the biggest project of your life, you still need to stop to eat, to sleep. Not allowing healthy you time will bring you down more drastically until you pay attention that you need a rest. The sooner you are able to recognize this the less consequences that will need to be endured. It is about the long game, not what can be done in a day. 

Mind:  You mind needs its play space, there needs to be a safe haven, even if only in thought that you can drift and allow yourself mental play time. Let you mind not be pushed, just glide along with what ever thoughts come through of a peaceful nature This a bout piece of mind, and you needs some before you lose a piece of mind from pushing too hard. Let yourself drift until the time to not drift is here. And it will be sooner than later. 

Body: The physical world can demand much of our bodies. This placement is showing you need a rest or break from it. It is likely with Oasis coming up, that you are given an opportunity to do so. In our busy lives this may not seem possible. You may wish to push through on things, but if you choose to do so, your effectiveness will be lacking. Or you will simply overdue it. If there are no options or no opportunities you see to step back, at least give yourself more leeway so there is not as much of a demnad on you physically. Hind sight often shows us sometimes pushing through winds up less productive than resting. 
Spirit: When you spirit needs to take a step back it will likely just happen. What you may notice is a feeling of being "disengaged". Especially if you are regularly in touch or working with your spiritual self, this may feel more dramaitc. In either case it is like the physical world rules are all there is for a while. This may feel like a lack, of ideas, of inspirition, even motivation or purpose. The perspecive again of utilizing the time. Getting the regular "stuff" done that does not require your divine self's involvment. Catch up on the enjoying yourself without feeling a need to justify it, or feel it out.