In short, a spirit drawing is taking an intended person, meditating on that person or even just his/her name and creating a drawing from it. The images may begin to appear as a visual in my mind, and further develop as I gaze into the paper. I ask for what is best for the person the picture is intended for and ask it to �appear�. In many cases the images or energy that appears can include totem animals, spirit guides, representation of higher self, past loved ones and so on. Through my experience I have learned not to set any limitations on what is possible. Therefore, there are none.

Ultimately, it is the energy in the picture more than the picture itself. Many images will literally appear in a ghostly type fassion. My suggestion while viewing a spirit drawing is, open your mind, trust what you see. Do not try to find the lines that make the picture, they may not still be there when you focus in, just take what you saw or thought you saw as your �message� and act accordingly.

This way, the picture will never mean a single thing and it can serve you in an ongoing manner.
J:D Aricchi
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